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Holiday brochures

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Holiday brochures All brochures are aimed at everyone; there are clubbing, family, adventure etc. all holidays can cost as littlie as �10 for a day out or even thousands of Pounds for weeks on end. They all around the world from Australia to Antarctica or to just down your road. You could camp in site, stay at a b+b or even stay in the world's most famous hotel. You could take as little a yourself or hundreds of people (if there is accommodation). You could fly, drive, and sail all up to you. These are some of the things in holiday brochures. Young at heart Young at heart is aimed at the over 55. They say it is "fun filled" "value for money", what they are trying to say leave all your worries behind and come and fun with us. ...read more.


They decorate the rooms with powerful, tasteful pictures to make you feel at home, but in another country. This makes you feel warm. They have over thirty resorts all over the world so you are not limited to where you would like to go. They're saying, 'You're in charge, but the organising of the holiday is left up to us. You can sit back, relax, and enjoy your holiday. All this makes you feel secure. HOLME 'LACY HOUSE' This piece is aimed at wealthy people. It is set in the heart of the 'Lushy green Wye Valley', this makes you feel important and rich. You arrive in a Cadillac, going down a long drive this makes you feel like you are the president of the world. This holiday is total different to the young at heart holiday. ...read more.


As you read on, you will be even more impressed by what it offers. The offers are a clubhouse with everything you would feel is important. You can do what you want, without being forced, and still be in the lap of luxury. The golf course is open twenty fours as they have a flood lit 9-hole golf course and driving range. This still does not put any pressure on you, you are still made to feel that you can do what you want to do, whatever the time. They cater for all types of weather, so be it summer or winter, it is still a place to be enjoyed. This piece of writing is very formal, it has short, sweet paragraphs, which make yu want to read on. The picture makes you feel as though you should be there. It is very similar to Holme Lacy House, but different to Young at Heart. ...read more.

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