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Holiday Competition - persuasive writing

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Holiday competition Dear Head of P&O Cruise's, Firstly, I am Arwel Jones from the Welsh Cancer Trust. Everyday I live and work with the unfortunate children that suffer the devastating effect of cancer. The awful life taking disease is a cruel heartbreaking illness. To watch these kids day in day out is very hard and emoctionful. You must agree that these kids need cheering up. I would like to take one child inparticular on a life changing experience. His name is Gerwyn, Gerwyn was abandoned by his parents as a child, now he is living out the remaining weeks of his life as though hes a criminal. ...read more.


Gerwyn does not deserve what is thrown at him, neither do the rest of the unfortunate children. The surprise I'd like to give Gerwyn, is the chance to explore the planet. Explore everything on a luxurious world cruise. To let him take in the sun and to see the amazing animal's around the world. It has been a dream of his to do this, this dream will only come true with your help !. On his cruise life, there's much more that Grwyn would like to explore, such as meeting Santa Clause in Lapland. This will be his last Christmas, a Christmas that should be experienced in style. ...read more.


Surely you must feel for the poor lad !. The worth while holiday that I would be gratefull of you to donate for will come at a cost of two thousand pounds. If its going to lift his heart, it would be an understatement to call it a bargain. For a multi million pound business like you, this sum of money will be nothing to you. Surely you can see that this is a worth while cause, cant you ?. As one of the people that can and does show care, im counting on you to purchase this month away for the poor young lad. So finally, all I can hope is that you choose us. Give us the prize of a heartlifting holiday. And mainly, put a smile on Gerwyn's face. ...read more.

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