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Holiday Complaint Letter

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Deqo Nur group 6 ________________ Miss Deqo Hussein 50 Jidka Street Bristol BS59PD 01179376289/079653898 Maandq90@yohoo.com 26/August/2011 209 High Street Pathways Weston S mare BS22 9PT 01945038590 RE: Booking reference h2840v958 Dear Sir/Madam. I am writing to express my disappointment about the above holiday on 23 July this year that I booked from Tobrooms.com website. I believe I have been deceived because the description in your brochure was purposely misleading. Your brochure promised everything I would expect in my holiday. It promised 5 star hotels, free gym, and various activities for young children, good menu and free taxis to take you to local pubs. However, I have not received any of these but experienced the following problems. Sadly, some of the images I saw in your brochure did not match what I experienced during my holiday. ...read more.


Therefore we could not wait to get home. I felt it was not even near to what I thought because the rooms were fitted with very old radiators so the rooms were freezing in the night time. I remember waking up in the middle of the night every night. As well, the hot water was cold most of the times especially in the night time. The carpets were very dirty and old, the television had a poor signal, sometimes displaying ?no signal found?. Sometime I had to take our ten years old son to the cinema instead. It was really a disaster; furthermore, the beds were very hard and uncomfortable. I spent in during my holiday as twice as much as I paid for the ticket because whatever I could not find in your hotel I had to go to ...read more.


It was insecure to come back late at the night because there were neither staff around nor security. One of the holiday-makers once warned us not to leave anything that is valuable in the rooms because the cleaners are not trustworthy. This made me paranoid because whenever I could not find anything I would think it had being taken The frustrating thing was there were no taxis provided which were promised in their brochure. We had to hire our own taxies. I was greatly disappointed and felt I was wasting money. Therefore within two weeks if you do not make reasonable recommend of compensation I shall have no other solution but to take legal action. Or else if my request not dealt immediately I have the right to involve a solicitor. I am awaiting hearing from you with the compensation of £3,000, because I felt I did not get what I paid for and it was worthless. Yours faithfully ...read more.

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