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Holidays - creative writing.

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Holidays I was waiting by the gate, a deep brown gate. I could still smell the fresh paint, smooth and silky against my wandering fingers. It let out a squeak as I opened it. I swung it back and forth for a few moments making a mental note to oil it later. I moved forwards, closing the gate behind me. I leant against one of the trees, its bright green leaves blowing gently in the soft wind, a beautiful contrast against the brilliant blue cloudless sky. I tore off one of its leaves, filling its smooth rubberises between my fingers. I moved it to my forehead, gliding across my temple, down the bridge of my nose, leaving a fresh scent wherever it touched my skin. Against my lips, cool. Refreshing. Down my chin, neck seamlessly slipping then dropping from the grasp of my fingers, falling to my feet in the wind control turning over, and over again. ...read more.


I swung the door open and climbed in, it smelt fresh, not in the same way as the leaves but fresh in the sense of cleanliness. Slamming the door shut behind me. I made my self comfortable, my body adjusting to the coolness of the cars air conditioning. I greeted each of the people in the car, kissing my close friends' cheeks. My thigh rubbed the person next to me. Rough and cool against my smooth warm one. I looked around the car to all the friendly faces, all happy and smiling. Some singing along to the radio, other screaming at each other laughing, whilst throwing each other food and packets of crisps. Within what seemed like seconds, we arrived. We all jumped out of the car onto the hard sand. Grabbing our stuff we ran down to the beach, the wind rushing all over my body, teasing my hair, caressing my legs and blowing up my skirt, wrapping itself around my thighs rolling and sticking to me with the strength of the wind. ...read more.


Refreshing me and hazing my sight. I was soon soaking. Water dripped down from my hair down my back. I brought up my arms and lowered my head springing from my feet I divided into the turquoise bliss. Water swirling all about me. Making waves in my hair. Gliding all over my body like a curtain of transparent silk. I felt and tasted the salt against my lips and now opened my eyes. I saw the beautiful sand below me, on which rested a golden red starfish, slowly moving with the help of the current along the seabed, further and further away. The gentle ripples of sand softened and slipped through my fingers, making clouds. My head broke the surface and I gasped for the sweet air of which I had been deprived. I was back at home. I opened the brown gate. Heard the same old squeak, closing it behind me. For a few moments I stood there swinging the gate back and forth, making a mental note to oil it later. ...read more.

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