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Hollywood vs World Cinema

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Dream Hollywood vs. The Reality World Big budget blockbusters. Big name stars. Does this lead to a big profit for Hollywood? What does World Cinema gain from its films? Sarah Birchall investigates the ideas behind Hollywood's plot and World Cinemas benefits. When you think of Hollywood films? What word comes to mind? Predictable" and "Formulaic"? Well, if you answered yes to this question then you have accurately described most Hollywood films. Whilst there may be some good all- round films that you can sit and laugh along to or be blown away by, without having to really think about what is going on, there are many disadvantages too. When you watch most blockbusters, you always seem to get the same plot. No twists, no complicated messages or controversial themes to the film that makes your mind think. It's predictable and that is why younger audiences are attracted to it. When you are young you don't want to go to the cinema and have to follow every single detail of the film, you want to watch something that will make you laugh, have action and be simple. ...read more.


It gives a social context to the film's violence and criminal behaviour. Even without the help of big budget explosions or CGI, the film's opening sequence immediately grabs the audience's attention and establishes the exciting visual style. Sound is also used effectively with the film's pulsing soundtrack (all local music); in his case Kwaito, bringing the movie's world to vibrant, primal life. Tsotsi isn't the first movie about a criminal who finds redemption but it is certainly one that will stick in your mind down to the last scene. By telling this particular story, with its insider's look at a place and a way of life utterly unfamiliar to most Hollywood blockbusters, Gavin Hood creates a breath-taking original film experience. This film is ideal for people who have an interest in drama, action and unpredictable plots. Overall, Tsotsi is a thought-provoking and emotional journey portrayed through film. La Haine ( Mathieu Kassovitz, France, 1995) Some people dislike foreign films and refuse to watch anything in black and white. La Haine, however, is intelligent, funny, shocking and brutally honest. Critics know a film is telling the truth when in 1995, Prime Minister Juppe arranged a special screening for his cabinet to show them how dire the situation in Paris had become. ...read more.


Even thought they are not big budget film and don't have the CGI or the big known starts, people can still gain an exhilarating movie experience. In these films people will actually have to think about the messages and face the controversial themes which are just as engaging as the flashing and colourful experiences of blockbusters. Some suggestions of accessing World Cinema is to go to the nearest rental store or independent cinema. Smaller, more sophisticated cinema host a wide range of World Cinema for younger people to enjoy. Also rental stores do have a varied and reasonably wide World Cinema section. I know that people will have fears about World Cinema such as subtitles but these can be dispelled easily. As people continue to watch World Cinema their eyes will train to watch both the action on screen and read the subtitles. Doing this can give the audience a more thought provoking and interesting film experience. So if young audiences have become interested in watching World Cinema, don't be afraid to go to the nearest rental or cinema where people will be able to help them chose a simple and easy following film then gradually they can build to an exciting and thought provoking film full of experience. Now open their eyes to the potential pleasure of "World Cinema". ...read more.

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