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"Holmes Is Made Possible By Watson".

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"Holmes Is Made Possible By Watson". Sherlock Holmes is one of the most popular characters in literature. I read the three stories; 'The Speckled Band,' 'The Engineer's Thumb' and 'The Beryl Coronet.' I have looked at; how the stories were structured, Dr Watson as the narrator, language used in the stories and the difference between Dr Watson and Sherlock Holmes as characters in the stories. Most crime fiction stories are structured in the same way. Sherlock Holmes stories usually employ this structure; the crime is committed, an investigation is launched, a solution is thought up and an explanation is given. This structure is used to build up suspense and keep you guessing what happened until the end, when it is revealed. An example of this is in 'The Engineer's Thumb,' where the crime was reported to Holmes, Holmes then investigated the crime, by making observations and deducing he reveals the solution and finally explains his solution to the characters and readers. ...read more.


Holmes makes a deduction from the fresh mud on her left arm that she had come in a dog-cart. This is achieved by Watson allowing Holmes to convey his method. Every time that Holmes explains something to Watson, another clue is revealed to the reader. He does this by explaining in detail to Watson and the readers in detail. An example of this is in 'The Engineer's Thumb,' "...as fast as the horse could go." "One horse?" Interjected Holmes. "Yes, only one." "Did you observe the colour?" "Yes ... It was a chestnut." Watson makes all this possible, just by narrating 'The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.' Holmes and Watson are two very different characters, Holmes is the detective and Watson is his sidekick. This makes Sherlock look superior. As the detective, Holmes has two very important characteristics, he is observant and deductive. ...read more.


Watson as the narrator speaks as if Holmes is superior and more experienced than him. An example of this is in 'The Speckled Band,' "Ah yes, I recall the case; it was concerned with an opal tiara. I think it was before your time, Watson." This quote makes Watson feel inferior to Holmes. Watson is an important as Holmes and is vital to the stories. Without Watson, Holmes would not seem as good a detective and would not be able to explain his methods to the readers. Watson does not seem as intelligent as Holmes in the stories, but I can see in reality he is as smart as Holmes, if not smarter. In the stories Sherlock Holmes is a much stronger character than Dr Watson; this is because Holmes is the center of attention, as he is the detective. I think if Watson was not present there would be no Sherlock Holmes stories. ?? ?? ?? ?? Usama Maayuf ...read more.

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