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Home Alone. As I walked to my room I heard a strange rattling noise as if someone was tapping against the front door

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´╗┐As I stood by the door the cold bitter wind slapped me in the face as I watched the car pull away from the driveway. Leaves were swooping, sweeping and soaring in the wind and night sky shrouded the house in darkness as the car lights faded away in the distance. I closed the door and from then on I was home alone. I shuffled up the stairs catching a last glimpse of the car and starting to see rain droplets spit down from the grey clouds smudged into the sky. Every now and then I would hear the leaves rattling in the wind and the owls hooting in the distance. ...read more.


At this moment I still wasn?t sure whether the noise was a person or just a branch flicking the door. I was too paranoid to find out but hiding from my fear made me even more petrified. I tip-toed down the stairs with sweat trickling down my face and as I peeked around the corner to see the door I heard the sound of the lock slowly winding backwards. I took a quick glance and saw the outline of a black suited figure almost camouflaging in the murky night. My body trembled with fear as I had flashbacks of memories with my family and how I may never get to see them again. ...read more.


His face was very pale except for the crimson colour his pimples showed. His nose was short and stubby and his eyes azure piercing through me as I took a quick look at him. I heard my footsteps echoed by him as I ran to look for somewhere to hide. I was never prepared for such a situation and wasn?t sure where to go. With terror soaking my body and thoughts of death pouncing into my mind I locked myself in the nearest bathroom. I could hear the floor boards creaking, becoming louder with each footstep he took till everything in the world seemed to go mute. My heart froze, I had stopped breathing and panic was tearing me apart. I sat there pressing myself against the far corner of the wall when the silence was broken as the bathroom lock began to wind backwards. ...read more.

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