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Homeless - creative writing

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Homeless It was a misty dark cold night were even the moon had no affect of light, the wind was noisy everything in the way was it threw litter like it was feathers and even the squirrels were no match for this wind. The rain was sinking on to the ground and like every single drop was getting drowned by the other. I was on foot walking towards a roof. There was none. I pleaded and even raindrops came out of my eyes but still I could not find any cover to stop Mother Nature from hurting me. There's a gap in that good-looking tasty pizza...don't think about it I got onto the doorway but there was no roof. ...read more.


Where's that like coming from like torch of a policeman has come to save us the lids of the eyes opened and BANG! . Thunder struck as powerful as that it could be. The moon could now not be seen like a child being stopped from seeing their mom. The sound of thunder that came from the distance sounded like a jet plane flying next to my ear. Shops were retiring for the day but the lights of the shops still could keep us safe. GET OUGHT OF HERE! . There's always somebody unhelpful, the devil what some people like calling them but they think us the other way round. ...read more.


Warmth at last nobody could take this away from me, no!! Rain this was revenge it was like snatching candy from a baby. The wind cried so loud that people in danger asking for help was no match. The rain came down like a powerful force it was so deep that if I were standing on it I would be six feet taller. Mother nature had turned against us and father nature couldn't stop it. Light. Thank you god finally, what every single homeless person would say after a night like that, the sun had absorbed all the rains energy away, the wind flew like the wind to the longest distance destination away from here to disturb other people streets where safe again, yet other days to go. Manpreet Singh Homeless Coursework English 11EL ...read more.

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