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Homeless letter.

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Homeless letter Dear Michelle I got your letter today. You seem in a really bad way. Everything seems to be wrong. Running away just isn't the right answer!! What do you think its going to be like out there on the streets? You say you've hardly got any 'dosh', you think you'd survive begging everyday? Think you'd actually get far? You'd be sleeping rough on the streets! You think that's paradise?? It was as I stood in front of the neatly stacked boxes of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese that my feelings of hopelessness and desperation first began to change to bitterness and resentment. I watched the happy shoppers piling their carts high; enjoying abundance which far exceeds any human need. ...read more.


The diseases you can catch you don't want to know but I'll still tell you: You can get pneumonia, no one to help, no one to comfort you and most important of all no one you can rely on. The places you sleep in, ask any hygiene inspectors and you'll get an earful. Trust me you wouldn't want to sleep there. Remember? I've run away but didn't last a week you saw how dirty and scruffy I looked no-one wanted to even look at me. Imagine yourself in a month's time that's only if you survive that long! Two years ago, I fell through the cracks of my life and ended up with only sky over my head and pavement beneath my feet. ...read more.


Try talking to your mother listen to her point of view and then give your opinion but once you leave home you won't have no friends and no one to write to as you won't have enough time cause you'd be too busy trying to save up for a bite to eat. I think you need the truth girl and it's about time someone told you. You think that I survived, well think again! Everyday you don't have a clue how I feel. This past experience has just changed my point of view. Before I went on the streets I thought that I could live without the T.V. but now, I know what it feels like. Trust me, a girl like you should be getting ready for her examinations. When I was out there, there was no-one there to help me and I mean no-one. Write soon............. Your best friend Naila Parveen ...read more.

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