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Homeless people. One story of a lady who lived in Heathrow Airport for a year and a half.

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The HOMEless people ... Homeless people, homeless people are those who just about manage to live even without a shelter over their heads, they live in public areas as they need a place to stay overnight. They usually tend to beg or plead for money as they are always in desperate need. One story of a lady who lived in 'Heathrow Airport' for a year and a half. Her name was 'Stacy Smith' and she arrived in Heathrow Airport about a year and a half ago thinking she will find a pleasant place to store herself as Heathrow is highly Luxurious and has many corners to cover your head. ...read more.


She also says "Heathrow is like a good hotel, I am fortunate as a homeless person to find a quality place like Heathrow to hold myself together." As night falls every night, she finds a place between one store and another. "I sleep in the same spot every night, if another person hasn't grabbed it first. Sometimes the airport passengers peer down at me as they walk by. The night cleaners mop and brush around me. I just close my eyes and put my scarf over my head to block them all out." ...read more.


Stacy also reveals "Many of the Homeless people wear fancy clothes once they have enough money or buy suitcases just to avoid suspicion." It's really depressing how they have to escape by doing such petty things. Stacy said that she has to sleep in the bus station as she gets evicted from the Airport. Now, after 1 and a half years, Stacy wears the right clothes and can also afford buying a bowl of pasta and going window shopping in some of the shops in the Airport. She says she has gradually built her way up allowing her to treat herself to some real aspects of life. ...read more.

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