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Honor vs. religion

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The Undermining of Religion The Dominance of Honor Chronicle of a Death Foretold Asad Ali Tayyab IB SL English 2 Block 5 20 October 2009 Word Count: 1054 The Vicario brothers, found guilty of the brutal murder of Santiago Nasar, are freed after three years of imprisonment. Although found guilty and "sinful," the brothers are released in the name of the protection of family honor. In Chronicle of a Death Foretold, Gabriel Garcia Marquez repeatedly condemns the town of holding honor above religion. Throughout the novella, Marquez unmasks the absence of religious values in the town and reveals the hypocrisy that governs the hearts of the townspeople. Not only does Marquez superimpose honor codes over religion, but he discloses the pandemonium that arises due to the supremacy of honor. Religion is a solid force that leads people to move on in life in a civilized manner and keep the world from falling apart. In Chronicle of a Death Foretold, Marquez reveals the diminishing religion through the setting of the novella that eventually leads to the chaotic slaughter of Santiago Nasar. ...read more.


Throughout his novella, Marquez castigates honor codes and in effect, rebukes the townsmen by labeling them hypocrites. First, Marquez affirms, "the lawyer stood by the thesis of homicide in legitimate defense of honor, which was upheld by the court in good faith" (49). "Legitimate" denotes according to law and by stating "legitimate defense of honor" (49), Marquez exposes the value of honor in the society as honor is able to justify murder. Marquez reveals that honor plays the role of God in the lives of the townspeople. Besides, a male is not considered to be a true man unless he protects the honor of his family. Prudencia Cotes clarifies to the narrator that Pablo Vicario had informed her of his plan "and [she] didn't only agree, [she] never would have married him if he hadn't done what a man should do" (72). Marquez unmasks honor as being the snake the digs into the townspeople's minds and not only guides them but forces the townspeople to worship them. ...read more.


Furthermore, the brothers confess, ""We killed him openly...Before God and before men... It was a matter of honor" (49). Marquez reveals that the Vicario brothers are oblivious of the severity of the crime they have committed as they claim to have committed the homicide "before God"(49) by which they expect God to have forgiven them. By claiming "before God and men" (49), the Vicario brothers equalize the value of God and men in their lives and in effect, illustrate the drought in their lives that has occurred due to absence of religion. Not only does religion unite people, but it prevents people from turning the world into a bloodthirsty havoc. Gabriel Garcia Marquez exemplifies the townspeople in Chronicle of a Death Foretold as hypocrites with feigned religion. Honor carries much more importance in their lives as no one in the town even tries to prevent the homicide. The dominance of honor and the absence of religion eventually leads to the death of Santiago Nasar foreboding the ruin of the town. Marquez rebukes the whole town for the brutal murder and informs the readers that darkness and evil cannot be concealed by the white veil of religion. ...read more.

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