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Horror Narrative

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Every night, I asked him "My dearest love, my heart's desire, my Josh, come with me to the Land of the Dark, where our hearts shall join together forever and ever and ever." I first met my beloved Josh in a dream. He appeared to be infuriated at his friends for betraying him and he set off to find me. I was certain that we shared the same mind, for he found my house within minutes, as if he was walking a familiar route home. I would never forget his first gaze at me as our eyes met; his sparkling blue eyes shone like sapphire and his long, wavy hair was rich as a lion's mare. I was completely mesmerized by him and my dream ended as quickly as it had arrived. ...read more.


Oh, the excruciating agony was so immense that it was enough to drown the entire world! Gradually, I watched my soul disappear into thin air; gone forever. The moment before Death claimed my hollow bones, the Master of Dark swiftly rode towards me on his noble steed and a wave of awe overwhelmed me. He touched my forehead and said with utmost grace "Join my kingdom of eternity, my child, and Satan shall grant you abounding powers to conquer all forever and ever and ever!" I felt completely entranced and I could only say "I do! I do! Hail Master! Hail Master!" In the blink of an eye, the Master vanished from sight. Nothing seemed to have changed but as I reached behind my back, two sharp edges protruded from my shoulder blades that flapped powerfully in the breeze. ...read more.


Once again, he adamantly defied me. Oh, the fire of rage burned so fiercely within me that it cracked my heart! I had enough! I started purifying him by punishing his toes. The next time he refused my offer, I punished his tongue, his fingers, his ears, his nose, etc., until there was nothing much left of him except his head, neck and torso. I did Josh a final favour by beautifully wrapping his dislocated body parts in between some twigs and sent them as farewell presents to his two young friends. I asked Josh the same question again. Since it was still a negative reply, I decided to shorten both of our sufferings. I drove the knife straight into the middle of his heart as I drove another knife straight into my own heart. I pulled both hearts out and cried aloud "May our hearts join together forever and ever and ever!" ...read more.

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