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Horror Stories - Bram Stoker, W.W Jacobs, and H.G Wells employ a number of techniques of which create the tension. Each story contains certain elements that are important for creating and sustaining tension

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Horror Stories Bram Stoker, W.W Jacobs, and H.G Wells employ a number of techniques of which create the tension. Each story contains certain elements that are important for creating and sustaining tension All the stories are set in an isolated area, with the usual thunder and lightning weather to make it that bit more scary. They are all linked by the fact that they are all Victorian horror stories. The Monkeys Paw is a story about a mystical talisman with supernatural capabilities. The story consists of two sets of characters, The White family, who personify the rational, and Sergeant Major Morris, representing the supernatural. The chemistry between these two sets of characters will become more apparent later on, as I will discuss it in more detail. The father of the family then wishes for �200. (This could be an indication to when the story was written. �200 in this modern age would not be considered very much). The consequence of this wish was the death of his son at work, although the family received exactly �200 as compensation, 'they wish to present you with a certain sum of compensation'. ...read more.


had been sent to investigate the theory, after spending one night there he found out through experience that the only supernatural activities in that room was from the fear in his own imagination. Again the location was isolated and restricted to one house or more so to one room. In this story the setting was set inside the house. The room was reasonably well described, the author tells us that there are 2 big mirrors, a chair, a table and a bed. The information given isn't enough to picture the room, but enough to have a sort of idea. We also know that he is staying in a castle, this is told is not so much detail though. The typical horror story setting, a spooky, rainy night in an isolated area with the lightning and thunder to add to the effects. The `Red Room` is about the power of fear, and how much you do it to yourself. The start of the story starts with a man in the castle with three old pensioners, none of which are named. This adds tension, as he hasn't socialised with them, and anyone of them could be a suspect, if anything happens. ...read more.


This continued throughout the nights that he studied there, each night he turned around to see if it was the same rat, and it was. After the first time he saw the rat, he was fascinated but didn't pay close attention, further on throughout the week, he noticed that the rat had been chewing on the bell rope. He thought to himself that that was what rats do, but then he realised that is was a bell rope. He was freaked out and assumed that the rat was intelligent, and was cutting of the rope, so that he couldn't ring it for any help. He then came to his senses and turned around to go back to studying. After a few minutes, he was still curious and turned around again. This time he had noticed that the judge in the picture had gone, and was sitting in the armchair with the now cut off bell rope in his hand. The judge rose, and hung the student with the bell rope. In the morning Malcomson was dead. The owner of the house found him but it was too late to do anything. He was another victim of the Judge. 1 of 3 ...read more.

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