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Horror Story. Elena Pierce, long brown hair, the cool and slender, the trendsetter, the high school senior,

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´╗┐Love Can Kill Elena Pierce, long brown hair, the cool and slender, the trendsetter, the high school senior, the girl every boy wanted and every girl wanted to be. Who just now had an unaccustomed scowl on her face and had a pinch to her mouth. The morning ritual of washing and dressing was soothing, and she drawled over it, sorting through her new outfits from London. Then she chose a pale blue top and white linen shorts that made her look like a blueberry sundae. Elena was thinking of Damon her boyfriend, the love of her life, the person she wanted to be with. Elena missed Damon when she went to London; it had been months till she saw him and tonight no more distance. ?Tonight is going to be good and nothing is going to ruin it,? Elena muttered to herself. ?Elena breakfast is ready,? Aunt Geraldine?s voice drifted faintly. Elena ran her pink brush through her silky hair, grabbed her backpack and rushed downstairs. In the kitchen was 7 year old Caroline Elena?s little sister was eating her toast, while Aunt Geraldine was burning something on the stove. Aunt Geraldine was the sort of woman who always looked vaguely embarrassed; she had light brown hair with gold highlights and dark brown eyes. ?Good morning. Sorry no time for breakfast,? Elena said in haste. ?Elena, wait you can?t go off without---? Elena had already reached the front door. ...read more.


?No Elena nothing will stop me now,? Said Stefan in resentment. ?If you do this then Damon will kill you,? Said Elena hoping to scare Stefan. ?My brother Damon, he is a monster, he won?t save a girl like you,? Said Stefan. ?Damon is not a monster like you he will save me and then kill you,? Said Elena. ?Wow, so much confidence in your vampire boyfriend,? Said Stefan in jealousy. ?If you don?t let me go then I will scratch you and call Damon,? Elena threatened Stefan. Elena scratched Stefan?s hand with her beautiful long nails. A lot of blood came out but it didn?t seem to make a difference to Stefan. Instead Stefan rubbed the blood on Elena?s face trying to make her drink his blood. ?You are going to call Damon right, call him, actually I will call him for you, Oh Damon, Damon, Damon, Damon, come and save your weak human girlfriend,? Stefan shouted. He covered Elena?s mouth to prevent her from calling Damon herself. All of a sudden Stefan stood in an amazement and Elena wiggling about trying to get away from Stefan. ?Missing me brother,? Said Damon sarcastically. There he stood, black leather jacket, pale skin and deep blue eyes. ?Damon, come on over here,? Stefan invited. ?What are you doing here?? Damon asked. ?I am going to drink each and every single drop of her blood,? Stefan replied. ...read more.


She went ran to Damon checking his pulse then putting her ear on Damon?s heart. Damon grabbed her and sunk his fangs into her neck. Elena turned her head facing towards the cemetery, she wasn?t scared but she couldn?t see the horror. Damon threw the lady?s body beside Stefan?s, he was much better now all his powers work again controlling the weather, animal control, compulsion, speed and the ability to jump very high. ?What are we going to do with the bodies?? Elena asked. ?Don?t worry I will take care of them,? Said Damon. ?How are you feeling now?? Elena questioned. ?I am much better,? Damon answered. Damon sat up against the well and Elena ran to hug him. They both stared into each other?s eyes and then kissed. Elena was relieved to be with Damon, after Elena?s mind brought up questions in her head. She pulled Damon back and asked him ?Why didn?t you tell me before?? Elena enquired. ?Because I didn?t want to lose you and I didn?t want you to think I was a monster,? Damon clarified. Elena had an elegant smile on her face. ?I love you Damon,? Elena confessed her true love to Damon. They both stared into the sky and saw stars shining faintly, Elena grabbed Damon?s hand, put her head on his shoulders and looked towards the body. Elena was overwhelmed at what she saw. ?Damon the bodies are gone,? Elena pushed Damon. They both stood up and stared at each other. ?Looking for me?? A deep voice came behind Elena. They both turned and saw Stefan???. TO BE CONTINUED ...read more.

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