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Hot lump of lead

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Hot lump of lead "What the hell is that thing" quizzed Zara. The three of them lying on top of an old empty hanger left over from when the Russians had control. The Talliban had now taken it over as one of their main bases. It was deep into the cold winter, the roofs were covered in snow and ice, making it extremely difficult when moving. "Here give me them" Mohammad pointed to the binoculars that Zara was using to examine the unknown object. He got them and after a few seconds of adjusting the focus he whispered almost under his breath, "It's a nuke." After a brief look around with the binoculars Abdula decided he must go down and disarm it. After a brief plan he filled his mouth with ice to hide his breath and put on his night vision goggles. He cautiously climbed down the ladder and hid. After checking that the coast was clear with the other two, he then while crouching, ran over to the bomb. "Its all too easy" exclaimed Zara. Almost simultaneously a bombing siren went off and about twenty to thirty troops, armed with Russian AK47s and some Kolasnikov sniper rifles, came pouring out of a nearby door beside Abdula. ...read more.


Checking the coast was clear again he dragged the lifeless body out and dumped it into the same barrel as before. After covering the blood stained snow Mohammed started down the corridor. About twenty metres he came to a door were he could hear several guards talking in the local dialect form of Arabic. Realising the unlikely chance of him fighting off several guards single-handed he looked around and seen a small window. With one foot one each wall he climbed up the wall and quietly prised the window open. Carefully he climbed out of the window and onto the roof where he moved steadily along until the next window. Out of his breast pocket he took a small mirror. He used this to look through the window. No one was there. Again prising the window open he awkwardly clambered through the window and landed on the floor. He paused for a few seconds to make sure no one was disturbed. He quickly ran along the corridor to another door but this time it had a small window. He had a look in and saw two guards; one beside the door at a table eating some food and listening to a radio and the other was walking away from Mohammad ringing his AK47 along the cell bars. ...read more.


It was not until he hit the ground and the ball of plutonium rolled from his hand that they realised they had made another mistake. Saddam picked up the plutonium and put it into his pocket, "Come on, we have to go," ordered Saddam. The two ran to the fence and back to their safe house. When they arrived at the house Saddam immediately gave the order to bomb the base. With-in minutes General Edwards brought up a secure video-link, "Well?" "The nuke is disarmed, we have the plutonium here sir," answered Saddam. "Where are the other two?" "They did not make it Sir. An alarm sounded and the four of us ran to the fence but they were struck by machine gun fire," replied Zara. "Dam, I'll inform their families, but in the mean time pack-up. There will be a helicopter for you at the old church outside of the town at six hundred hours, over and out." The two looked at each other feeling like they were about to be sick. "They got shot on the way out and that's the story we shall stick by, OK?" said Saddam. The two agreed and began packing up the stuff they needed. The two flew out as scheduled to Pakistan and then took a plane home to America where they received a hero's welcome. ...read more.

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