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Hotel Rwanda Film Review

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Rwanda! Terror and violence Hotel Rwanda is a very entertaining film of a true story of a man prepared to do anything to save his people. The story behind the film relates to the horrific events that took place in 1994 between the two tribes: Hutu and Tutsi. The main character in the film is Paul Rusesabagina acted by 'Don Cheadle', a Hutu who managed the four stars Mille Colline Hotel. The film begins by showing two tribes at war when the president of Rwanda was assassinated. This had promoted genocide between the Hutu's and the Tutsi's. At first, Paul Rusesabagina wished to save his family but he then realized the brutal conditions others were suffering. He quickly managed to save a large number of Hutu and Tutsi refugees to host them in his hotel being a safe house for all. ...read more.


It also makes one feel the horrific pains that tribal problems can cause. The music in the film was brilliant given that the tone and style changed every time there was an upsetting scene, horrific scene or a joyful scene. For example, there was a time in the film where many refugees were crying of agony and at that particular time the tone of the music changed into a slow and upsetting style. These effects of music make the viewer realize immediately about what is happening. What the film doesn't do quite as successfully was that it displayed several horror scenes which were violent. It is very difficult to do a PG-12 film about genocide. If the director of this film wanted to keep them horror scenes he should change the age rating of the film to either a PG-15 or PG-18, preferably a PG-15 rate so more people can see and understand the film. ...read more.


One could easily figure out that he was striving to defeat the extremists so that his nation stays alive. They all knew exactly what they had to do: they kept the humor and sadness to their appropriate times. What I liked most about their portrayal was that they all had the courage of doing of all what they were appointed for. Their acting and speech was one of the main reasons which made me continue watching this great film. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the film 'Hotel Rwanda'. This is because I learnt new things that I never knew before and moreover, I really liked the emotive power of the film. Finally, I would really advise all people out there to go out and see this superb film as it tackles new challenges and takes your mind back to the 1990s. This film is a must watch and I personally would give it 5-stars rating. ...read more.

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