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Hound of the Baskervilles- Dairy writing (Mrs. Stapleton)

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7 November 2011 English Coursework ?Assignment 2 Hound of the Baskervilles- Dairy writing (Mrs. Stapleton) 20 October Dear diary: I am mentally and physically exhausted but I need to write this diary to record the experience of my ordeal. I must do it so that someday someone would know what my husband did to me, even if I disappear one day. Yesterday was another dull and boring day. It was raining outside. I could hardly sleep recently as I was worry-beaten. I had been thinking about Sir Henry?s safety. Did he receive the letter I sent to him while we were in London? Would he understand the message and keep away from my husband? Should I give him an explicit warning when my husband and others were away? ...read more.


He was so forceful that I was promptly tied up against a wooden post in the center of the room. The knots were so tight that I could hardly breathe. Had I known that I would be assaulted in this prison, I would not have risked my life to fight with him. I wouldn?t forgive his cruelty. I was in great pain and blood was over my bruised arms. They were clear marks of violence. It was so painful and distressing. I was in a lonely marathon of agony. I felt so hopeless and helpless. I was motionless in a room with tears stinging my eyes. Gradually, I heard my stomach echoed in the silence. I hadn?t eaten for a long time. How long had I been cooped up? ...read more.


I couldn?t keep the secret anymore. Therefore, I told them where he had kept the hound and the whole truth. I also asked about Sir Henry. To my relief, Sir Henry was safe and the hound was dead. I found myself crying with happiness. Now I am relieved and feel soothed after the salvage. However, I worry about what will happen to me next? I have been neglected and live a life of deceit. I don?t want to live in fear, suspicion and possible attack again, worrying my husband would plan another crime? Does my husband really love me? Why do we have to pretend to be brothers and sisters? Why was I being used to attract Sir Henry? I was torn between saving Sir Henry and hating my husband. What should I do? I worry about my future? I prayed and prayed. I am lonely and hopeless in the world. Will god shed light on me? Word count : 708 ...read more.

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