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Hounds of the Baskervilles

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Hounds of the Baskerville 1st Draft The famous Novel "the hounds of the Baskerville" was written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, he was very popular in late 19th century all the way up to now. His books were published in the weekly magazine the "Strand" and proved to be loved by most Victorians since he's main character, Sherlock Holmes, a private detective proved to be far more competent than the police force. Especially since it was a time were notorious murderers such as "jack the ripper", it was a time were you put your own life at risk just by going out to the pub after a long days of work , therefore a justice force that could actually solve crimes made the population feel reassured and secure. To engage the reader, Arthur Conan Doyle uses many different technique and methods. The first method are his characters, especially his 2 main characters- Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson. ...read more.


him being involved in the murders of Charles Baskerville and that lead on to another method used by Arthur Conan Doyle .It is called Red herring , it is when one particular character is described or emphasized in a way that seems to throw suspicion upon that character as the person who committed the crime: later, it develops that someone else is the guilty party. And that is used a lot for example Barrymore, the Baskerville hall housekeeper is one of the first suspect of the book since a man with a big black bushy beard is seen following Dr Mortimer and Sir Henry Baskerville. Holmes then talks about it to Mortimer who only has one reference-Barrymore. He is then later in the book heard walking around the house at night and the weeping of his wife make him a very suspicious character. He is then followed by Watson and Sir Henry which surprise him doing light signals across the moor. ...read more.


A good example is chapters 1 were Mortimer is introduced for the first time at the end of the chapter. Another technique used is he' different sentence structure. He uses long; complex sentences to slow the pace down the reader can pause and think. this is also used as it is easier to add in a description for example ( pg100) "the extract from my private diary which forms the last chapter has bought my narrative up to the 18th of October ,a time where these strange events began to move swiftly towards their terrible conclusion. "He the uses short sentences to create suspense reader "That night he looted there" (pg25) it's short and makes a point. Therefore my conclusion is that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle engages the reader by using a mix of different techniques to try and create suspense which is engaging so my conclusion is , if you want to engage the reader you have to create suspense... ...read more.

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