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House Insulation Essay, Mr. Smith

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Nikita Twaalfhoven IS3a One World essay Science Mr. Smith's Apartment Improving Mr. Smith's apartment so that it will keep heat inside of it, but still cold enough that you are not sweating, can be done by insolating it. With insulation I could mean, for example with walls, to take down the original walls and replacing them with new ones that are made of something thicker. But what I would advise for Mr. Smith is something that does not cost to much and that can be done without affecting the apartment (not counting keeping it warm). One insulation technique is a Cavity Wall Insulation. This can be used when your walls are hollow. I think that your walls are hollow since you said that the land owner had the rooms built not so long ago. Cavity walls are the most frequently used walls. Cavity walls are made of a very thin piece of fiber, an air gap, and then another piece of fiber. Cavity Wall Insulation is very easily. ...read more.


is Draught proofing. It is a simple technique where the windowsill is replaced with a windowsill fit for two windows in front of each other. This "double plane window", as it is also known as, stops any access heat from going through the windows to the outside (or inside). It stops fogging, and is a cheap way to help insulation. This process of Draught proofing can save you a lot of heat, up to 20 present of it. And they stop you from turning your heater up so much. Which once again saves gas, and saves money, and which as final saves some of the environment. The last technique that I would advise to Mr. Smith is Floor Insulation. Floor Insulation can be done with spending around 20 Euro per bottle on a sticky substance that you squirt in gaps and holes in your floor. And when you have done that, you can have a carpet placed too. This could save you up to 40-50 euros a year. ...read more.


Carpeting might be harder. But with carpeting I don't mean only having carpets installed, but the carpets can also be placed around the house as 'decoration'. These actions, which is if Mr. Smith would want to take them, should be partly paid by the owner, and partly paid by himself. The reason I think this is because it is Mr. Smith's 'problem' that he is to cold, or hot, but it is the land owner's problem because he owns the apartment and should be taking care of some of the needs. The land owner would also be profiting from this insulation because it would make the apartment worth more, and it would have a better value then what it is at the moment. I also think that the government has nothing to do with the insulating of Mr. Smith's apartment. The government is only there to decide whether it would be breaking any rules (which I know it won't, since I helped my mother when she used all of the techniques above, and it want a problem). So worrying about the government helping with the payment would be a waist of time and money, because they just will not help. ...read more.

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