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house of terror

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The night I was alone at home. The day wasn't ordinary... It was extraordinary. The weather was awful and windy as if I was by the sea-side. I couldn't see the road ahead of me as it was extremely hazy as if there was a snowy blizzard in front of my eyes. With the weather this bad, I somehow amazingly got home eventually. As I entered the house, the hairs on my neck stood on end - something was wrong and I could feel it in my bones. I paused to listen into the darkness but I couldn't quite work out what it was. I thought to myself "Forget it, you're just being silly!" and made my way upstairs. As I was making my way upstairs I suddenly heard a loud noise as if something had dropped. "Who's there?" I squeaked as I got to the top of the stairs. Silence greeted my question as I heard nothing in response. As I tried looking around in the dark, I noticed the window at the top of the landing was wide open and the air freshener which was usually displayed on the window sill was lying on the floor. ...read more.


"Hello, who's there? This isn't a joke anymore!" I shouted bravely. My heart beat couldn't help but start to increase rapidly. I started to take deeper breaths and my hands were shaking. I heard a disturbing and creepy voice and then out of nowhere, an echoing: "ha haaaa haaa haaaa haa haaaaaaaaaa". It seemed the voice was echoing but I couldn't say where the voice was coming from which was confusing and scaring me even more. Then I heard a woman's scream out of nowhere: "Helpppppppppp!!!" The voice sounded familiar. Could it possibly be my mothers scream?! I ran into the living room where the scream came from. And that's when my whole life changed. I saw my mother hanging from the ceiling like from one of those horror films! I couldn't even scream as if I had no voice. The torch dropped out of my hand and I stood as still as a statue staring at my mother. Her mouth was frozen open as if she had tried to warn someone of something but didn't get the chance to finish. I couldn't go on like this so screamed: "Why don't you kill me as well, why don't you?!" ...read more.


"Where am I? Am I in heaven?!" I asked myself in a croaky voice. My vision got clearer as my mind freshened and I could finally figure out that I was back in my room. How could last night be possible? Was it all a dream or had it really happened? I heard the familiar rustling from the kitchen and guessed it was my Mum cooking breakfast for me.. I felt a sense of relief washing over me - "It probably was a bad dream after all then!" I reassured myself. Relieved, I reached for a glass of water and as I drank from my glass, I felt something dripping - on top of my head. I put my hand on my hair thinking it was water somehow but it only took me a moment to bring back my hand to see it covered in blood. As a shadow fell over me I felt something move in my doorway.. I looked up quickly and felt my heart drop as I realised what it was. It was the creature from my nightmare which meant my nightmare wasn't actually a nightmare but reality after all.. And THAT meant the time for me had come to an end as well.. "God, help meeeeeeeeeeeeeee..........!!!!" I screamed as my last words echoed in my empty house. ?? ?? ?? ?? Krishan 11H ...read more.

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