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How Act 3 scene 1 is important to the development of the narrative in Rome & Juliet?

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Rome & Juliet How Act 3 scene 1 is important to the development of the narrative in Rome & Juliet? The pay I have been studying is the romantic tragedy of Rome & Juliet by William Shakespeare. The play is set in Verona which is a city in Italy. The time that the play is set in is late 16 century (1695) and that is when it was written. I am going to do about act three scene one because I think The fight scene is probably the most influential point in the play, as it is the turning point from bad to good, all seems well until this scene. The plot of Act 3 Scene 1 is that Mercutio has a fight with Tybalt which starts as a friendly sword fight and end up with the death of Mercutio. Romeo kills Tybalt for revenge for his friend Mercutio. For this act by Romeo, prince Escalus of Verona banishes Romeo to Mantua. ...read more.


Then Romeo kills Tybalt for revenge on him for killing his good friend Mercutio. Next the prince of Verona comes and banishes Romeo to Mantua for the death of Tybalt. The proceedings that happens in the scene before is that, Romeo and Juliet get married secretly by Friar Lawrence. The two scenes are contrasting to each other because the scene before is about love and marriage. The scene that I am doing which is act three scene one is about death and hatred. In the scene after the events that take place are that Juliet finds out Romeo has killed Tybalt Juliet cousin. She also finds out that Romeo has been banished to Montua. Rome has not gone to Montua he is hiding at Friar Lawrence cell. Juliet is upset that Romeo has been banished and he will not be with Juliet. Also in this scene Juliet tells her nurse to find Romeo and tell him to say good bye to her. ...read more.


Romeo tells Tybalt and Mercutio that don't fight because the prince said so "Tybalt, Mercutio, the prince expressly hath Forbid this banding in Verona streets." The audience gain knowledge of that Romeo is considerate also they learn that Tybalt wants to pick a fight with Romeo. Tybalt insults Romeo to provoke a fight. Mercutio picks a fight with tybalt by insulting him. Mercutio says "Tybalt, you rat catcher, will you walk?" he provokes into a fight because he says you are going to walk away from the fight. He also insults him by insulting him of his name "rat-catcher". The main characters have been involved with the main themes of the play which is love, hatred, tragedy and violence which has been important to the development of the narrative. Also what happened before the scene is important to the story of act three scene one. I enjoyed the play but I enjoyed the fight scenes the most. I have liked the fight scenes the most because they have been interesting. They have had some motivating plots. Asif Hussain GCSE English 1107 Page 1 ...read more.

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