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How am I at communicating with people of other cultures?

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Rochelle Angley DCP Self Analysis How am I at communicating with people of other cultures? Communicating with people of a different culture can be exciting and new and at the same time difficult and confusing. In today's society, I find it to be very beneficial to be able to communicate with others of a different culture. As I am seeing more and more cultures interact with one another, I am searching for ways to educate myself about their morals, values, and beliefs so I am able to understand our differences. Personally, I find it challenging to communicate with those of a different culture. It's not every day that I run into someone of a different culture. I know that there are many different kinds of people in the world, but I feel that in the United States, there are a ton of what we call sub-cultures. As I said, we have many different sub-cultures within our culture and sometimes it is here that I am challenged by our differences. ...read more.


It would not be complete, if I was to walk away still confused about what went on in our meeting or conversation. I especially need to work hard in these situations because of where I want to go in the professional field. I need give back to society as it has given so much to me. Doing this, I believe I need to do what ever is possible to expand my capabilities. Communicating with others of a different culture is a great start. Wanting to be a teacher myself, I need to put myself in situation that will allow me to broaden my horizons and reach out to others of a different culture and sub-culture. I have a strong desire to become an educator. I believe that putting myself in this position (teaching), I will be at my best. It is in teaching that will allow me to share so many of my experiences of my life both good and bad allowing me to also interact in the students decisions in life. ...read more.


Secondly, I will prepare myself as much as I can with the history of their culture and their different morals and values. Lastly, I must do what I can to communicate and educate myself and the other people. It is then that I can come back and help people of my culture interact with many other cultures and sub-cultures. Communication plays a huge role in our lives and it has since the beginning and everyday I am learning many different ways, not only in other cultures and sub-cultures, but in my own as well. I think everyday is a new day and we should be excited with every meeting that will share a new experience. With these new experiences we can learn how to better communicate with others and in the long run it will benefit "us" as a society. In saying this, I will do what ever I can to reach out. No longer will I just look at other cultures and sub-cultures to compare them, I will go and interact with them so I really know what is going on. It is then that I am really educating myself and the people around me. ...read more.

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