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How and in what ways have the poets in this anthology conveyed the Macabre? The Raven, The Tiger and La Belle Dame Sans Merci. To show the relative differences I will also be comparing these poems with The Kraken, The Sick Rose

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How and in what ways have the poets in this anthology conveyed the Macabre? "The Raven", "The Tiger" and "La Belle Dame Sans Merci" all represent the macabre. Each of these poems have individual themes that stand out, however to capture the real notion of the Macabre these themes on their own have no great significance. But, when stitched together they make the fabric which is the very essence of macabre. To show the relative differences I will also be comparing these poems with "The Kraken", "The Sick Rose" and "The Listeners". 'The Raven' is closely associated with the macabre the poem encourages the reader to inquire about what's going on. The way the story is portrayed makes it very difficult for the reader to understand what is going on because there isn't anything to use as a base to build the reader's interpretations on. This leads the reader to anticipate what is being described. One example of this is who is the raven? We do not know who the raven is; neither do we know if it is actually real. When the raven enters the room he "perched upon a bust of Pallas". ...read more.


It causes a sudden sense of panic because the reader wouldn't be expecting this and hence it is abrupt. However this quality is only representative of a folk ballad, therefore we don't see this in "The Kraken". "The Kraken" has a very strange form because it has no sentence structure or rhythm. However this is only to enhance the experience of reading this poem. By not having a set pattern for the reader to follow and understand there is a sense of discomfort when reading the poem. This emphasises that the Kraken is "ancient", "sickly" and is "slumbering". By having equal length stanzas in "La Belle Dame Sans Merci" the reader's perception of the poem is that it is very uniform and you can expect how something will be described next. By having a repetitive structure the reader is in a sense of comfort because he is sure of how the story is likely to be described. In a way he feels that he is in control of the poem because nothing will be unexpected for him. However in "The Kraken" the entire poem consists of two sentences and has varied rhythm this means as the reader is looking at the poem he/she won't be able to follow a pattern and well be out of their comfort zone. ...read more.


The traveller is the soul and subconscious that thinks for the physical part of the body. This poem has a lot to do with how society accepts people depending on who they are. For example "No one descended to the traveller"; this shows the isolation of the subconscious is society hasn't accepted it. Since the subconscious represents who you truly are, the traveller isn't accepted by others and hence no one "descended". However, the "horse moved, cropping the dark turf", this shows how your body still carries on living normally even though "no one answered" the subconscious. This shows the fear that people have of revealing who they truly are because otherwise they would be risking any company whatsoever. Macabre is all about creating a mysterious and forlorn atmosphere that shows the reader that there is more than meets the eye; especially, when trying to understand what is being described and why. This leaves the reader feeling nonplussed, almost on the verge of frustration. This seed is purely born from the reader's desire to find out the truth behind the story of 'The Raven', 'The Tiger' and 'La Belle Dame Sans Merci'. Poe, Blake and Keats have tied this concept fluidly into their poems and hence the reader is given a sense of disbelief after reading their poetry, which perfectly envisages the macabre. ...read more.

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