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How, and to what extent, does Baz Luhrmann create an imaginary or fairy tale world in Moulin Rouge?

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Melanie Aspin 10T December 2002 GCSE Media Coursework How, and to what extent, does Baz Luhrmann create an imaginary or fairy tale world in Moulin Rouge? Baz Luhrmann uses various techniques in Moulin Rouge to create the feeling of an imaginary or fairytale world. But, Moulin Rouge has strong roots in a real club, which is situated in Monmarte in Paris, and the club still exists to this present day. Moulin Rouge is a romantic musical in which Baz Luhrmann subjects the audience the audience to a barrage of stylish music, dance, colour, design, human passion and above all things love. There are three main characters in film, which are caught up in the love triangle of jealousy, suspicion and passion. Throughout the film Satine and Christian's love for each other begins to bloom. They begin to spend more and more time together, but as they do the Duke becomes extremely jealous and very suspicious. He demands to Satine that she will spend time with him. As Satine is spending more time with the Duke, the tables turn and Christian starts to become jealous. A fairy tale is a story of magical happenings. Objects and people that appear in fairy tales are not normal, they are farfetched, and these are creatures that some one has created. ...read more.


Although Ziddler and his wife took Satine in, gave her a place to live and a glamorous job, they both knew she was dieing and still made her dance every night and sleep with various different men to make them money. If they were good, loving Godparents they would not have let this happen to her. This is very fairy tale like because the damsel in distress has an evil Godmother. Christian and Satine sing the song "come what may". This is a way of getting Christian's poetry to Satine. It also, when they sign it, reminds them of their love that will last forever. A lot of the Fairy tales have music in them. The two lovers, or someone singing to them, will always sing a particular song to remind them of each other and this is what happened in Moulin Rouge. Baz Luhrmann tries to make the audience feel as if they are in the Moulin Rouge. The technique he uses to do this is with the camera. When the showgirls are performing, the camera will spin through the audience. This gives us the feeling of dizziness and makes us feel as if we are there. I think that this is a very good technique because it keeps us watching because we think we are there and it's like it's giving us the experience of been there in amongst the crowd. ...read more.


When Satine and Christian admit their true love for each other fireworks go off. Also at the end when they reconfirm their love the fireworks go off again. This represents passion and excitement. Although Baz Luhrmann takes it the film to an extent of it being a fairytale, he also includes many characteristics of a fairy tale into account and adds these in. he uses these wisely and puts them into the correct places to make the movie be like a fairy tale. I think he does this very effectively and extremely well. He is a great director and does his work exceptionally well. He uses a real place, in a real country to give the viewers the feeling that it is real. He uses familiar songs to make it real, but amongst the reality he alters it so it is like a fairy tale. Moulin Rouge is a real cub but he exaggerated it to his version, he also did the same with Monmarte. Despite the fact that he uses all these ingenious ways of making it unreal, he adds certain features into the film to keep it real. Baz Luhrmann uses various techniques in Moulin Rouge to create the feeling of an imaginary or fairy tale world, but he also keeps it real and in my eyes it is this that makes the film work so well. Total amount of words = 1,722 ...read more.

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