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How and What Views of Love do William Shakespeare and Robert Browning present in "shall I compare thee?" "My mistress' eyes'" and "Porphria's Lover"? Are their views very different than the ones we have today?

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How and What Views of Love do William Shakespeare and Robert Browning present in "shall I compare thee?" "My mistress' eyes'" and "Porphria's Lover"? Are their views very different than the ones we have today? Introduction- Love is a word used all around the world in every second of every day. I am one f the many people who believe that 'Love makes the world go round'. A lot of people see love in many different ways. For example in this song I am about to write. In which a young girl is telling a young man how she feels about a boy and also how much he means to her. Title: I Turn To You Artist: Christina Aguilara When I'm lost in the rain, In your eyes I know I'll find the light To light my way When I'm scared and losing ground, when my world is going crazy You can turn it all around And when I'm down, you there wishing me to the top You're always there giving me all you've got For ...read more.


There are many types sonnet but I am going to explain 'The English or Shakespearean' sonnet: The English form was developed by Surrey but through the popularity and genius of the poems here, it became known as a Shakespearean sonnet. Commonly, it is made of 3 quatrains (4 lines) and 1 rhyming couplet (2 lines) that conclude the poem concisely. The quatrains rhyme on alternating lines; that is the scheme, abab. The quatrains don't rhyme with each other, so in the first 12 lines the rhyme scheme is ab,ab,cd,cd,ef,ef and then goes onto gg. I am now going to discuss "My Mistress' eyes'" by William Shakespeare In the first quatrain, Shakespeare is saying that his lovers' eyes are nothing like the sun; they are more dull and boring than bright and sparkly. He also says here hair is black and wiry basically describing all her imperfections. He does this because he does not want to do exactly the same as all the other writers, portraying their lovers as perfect and more beautiful than they really are. ...read more.


In the third quatrain he explains that even thought summer fades his love doesn't. In the final rhyming couplet he explains that her beauty will last forever as long as people are still reading poetry about her. I do think that this is also a love poem as he is saying love is like a summers day. I am now going to go on and talk about a poem called "Porphyria's lover" by Robert browning. The rhyming scheme in this poem is ab ab bb bc cc de. As you can see the rhyming scheme is very different. In this poem a man realizes he loves a women too much and then ends up strangling her to death with her own hair. So in this sense it does show you can love someone too much. To conclude my essay, I am gong to say that beauty does sometimes get exaggerated. But some people may only see what they want to see or even be referring to personality. People do also kill for love and love not only can be a little dangerous, it is very risky. So be careful what you do. By Leonie Mallabone ...read more.

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