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How and Why Does Rita Change?

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How and Why Does Rita Change? Rita is a twenty six year old uneducated hairdresser. She wants a better life for herself; she wants to have an education. She believes that getting an education will change everything, even her life. She did not get a full education at school as she says, 'See, if I'd started takin' school seriously, I would have had to become different from me mates, an' that's not allowed." This shows Rita felt she could never take education seriously because it was for the 'wimps' and she didn't want to be different to her friends, and her family didn't regard education as being important. Throughout the play, you see Rita starting to change and starting to realise that her belief about education at the beginning of the play was not completely accurate. We first see Rita trying to get through the door outside Frank's office. The symbol of the door is used throughout the play. At the beginning, she cannot get through the door, this shows that she wants an education but she cannot really get it. Nevertheless, towards the end of the play she can get through the door, this shows that she now has her education. In the first scene, Rita comes across as quite bubbly and her body language suggests that she has not had much experience of middle-class social standards before. ...read more.


This is saying that they could live a better life than this and because of this, Rita becomes more determined to carry on with her education, so she does not end up like her mum. The fact that Rita leaves Denny shows that she is already changing and making decisions for herself to make her life better. It also shows that she is becoming a stronger person and that nothing is going to get in her way. I think that it shows that she is becoming stronger as Denny was really controlling over Rita. He wanted her to get pregnant and didn't really want her to get an education. Due to this, he burns her books in Act One Scene ... In Act Two, we see a big difference in the Rita that we knew at first and the new Rita. The Rita in Act One was wary of the students and although she seemed really outgoing, she never really asked many questions. However, the new Rita is the complete opposite. This shows her changing. An example of how Rita has changed is when Frank offers her a cigarette and she declines saying 'No, ta, I've packed it in'. This shows that she must have had a big think while she was away and decided that smoking wouldn't be part of her new life, even though she said that people who give up smoking are 'cowards' earlier on in the play. ...read more.


Frank replies 'Virginia? Or Charlotte? Or Jane? Or Emily?' All of these names are Victorian writers and Rita actually named herself after a writer before but because she has changed she 'dropped that pretentious crap as soon as I saw it for what it was.' At the end of the play, she realises that Frank is not the God-like figure she believed him to be when she first met him. She has also realised that being educated gives her more opportunities and choices but it does not make life perfect as she thought it would be at the beginning. In Act Two Scene Seven, it says 'I might even have a baby.' At the beginning of the play, she did not want to have a baby until she had found herself. So for her to say it now shows that she knows who she is now and she can choose what to do with her life because she has choices that she did not have before. Rita changes because she wants to do more with her life and does not want to be like all the people 'round her way' that get pregnant when they are young and do not have many choices. The whole point of Rita going to the Open University and getting an education was so that she could have the choices that she did not have before and she could 'sing better songs'. ?? ?? ?? ?? Georgina Saunders FINAL Page 1 of 3 ...read more.

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