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How and Why has Mary Shelley's Frankenstein achieved enduring popularity?

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How and Why has Mary Shelley's Frankenstein achieved enduring popularity? Consider the novel as a whole while paying particular attention to chapter 5 Crashing thunder and stormy skies are the scene set for Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, a story of pride, passion and power. When a zealous scientist tries to create a superhuman race that shall worship him as god all havoc breaks loose when his creation escapes. Unfortunately the creations experiences in the outside world are heartbreaking and soon vows to avenge his misfortunes by destroying his creator. And as the monster is a bundle of stitched together parts the book is a biblio-genesis means that the book is a mixture of different genres-Romantic, Horror and the newly formed Gothic. This is one of the reasons for the books enduring popularity, but what are the differences from the contemporary audience of 1818 to the modern 2006 reader. The book starts at the end with Victor Frankenstein in chase of his creation in mind for its destruction, he unfortunately looses it and is washed in to the icy land of the North pole. He is discovered by Robert Walton, a man on the quest for the North-West passage. On Walton's ship when Frankenstein recovers he begins to tell Walton of his reason for being in the North Pole. ...read more.


The monster lies right in the middle of everything. After escaping Victor's lab the monster heads towards nature, he is and adult in size but a child in mind. He has no conception of senses and language. When he finds a burning fire he is amazed at the warmth it radiates in the cold surroundings, but he is confused when he puts his finger in the fire and hurts himself. He is unable to determine how something that offers such pleasure could also be a thorn. The monster is Victor's creation, assembled from old body parts and strange chemicals, animated by a mysterious spark. Abandoned by his creator and confused he tries to socialize only to beaten and chased because of his stature. After several unsuccessful encounters with humans he decides to take refuge in an old barn. He is happy to find that he can spy on his neighbours through a small hole. There he learns the human language and now can relate emotions to causes. He then decides to approach a member of that family, an old blind man who can see past his grotesque form. Unfortunately he is interrupted by the old man's nephew and he chase the monster out of the house. Vengeful he acclaims to take revenge on his creator for abandoning him , and therefore starts his journey to Geneva. ...read more.


Greatly influenced by Coleridge's The Rime of the Ancient Mariner". The mariner's story parallels Walton's and Victor's, they are all at the land of ice and snow. Just as the mariner tells his tale to the wedding guest for redemption, Victor is driven by guilt. Both Victor and the mariner cause their own destruction- The mariner should have cared for the albatross, Victor should have cared for The monster. And as the killing of the albatross became literally and metaphorically a burden for the mariner, the monster, likewise, is Victor's burden. They are also linked when Walton mentions to his sister that he shall "kill no albatross". In conclusion, the enduring popularity of Frankenstein is testimony to a great writer. Shelley has used many new elements to achieve this, on the way inventing a new genre. Frankenstein is seen as a fore father of all modern gothic novels, rightly so it has had many alternatives and we have seen the creature in many different lights. The heart of its popularity lies within the creation of the monster and Shelley has used many different themes to entice and incaptivate audiences till now and probably for generations to come. Character such as Victor and the creature will never be forgotten due to their unique traits and flaws. I suspect that the novels ideas and plots will continue to last whether under different titles. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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