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How are Beatrice and Benedick portrayed? In

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How are Beatrice and Benedick portrayed? In William Shakespeare's play "Much Ado About Nothing" At the beginning of William Shakespeare's play "Much Ado About Nothing" he portrays Beatrice and Benedick as two argumentative young people. However he also portrays them as being attracted to each other, this becomes clear because the first thing Beatrice says in the play is " I pray you, is Signor Mountanto return'd from the wars or no?" She is talking about Benedick asking the messenger in a joking kind of way did Benedick come back from the war or did he die? This shows that Beatrice is clearly interested in Benedick because he is the only thing she talks about through out the whole of act one. Also the first thing Benedick says is also about Beatrice "were you in doubt sir that you ask'd her?" Also the first time in the play that Beatrice and Benedick lay eyes on each other they have an argument. When these two are having their argument they are arguing about the silliest things. ...read more.


This proves the point Leonanto made about their relationship being a "Merry War", it shows they are hiding their true feelings behind their barbed comments. At the masked ball we see the beginning of Claudio and Hero's relationship. this relation ship is very much that of a stereo type typical romance relationship this becomes a contrast to Beatrice and Benedick relationship. Beatrice and Benedick's relationship is very much a normal relationship, where as Claudio is marrying Hero because she is a trophy wife, Beatrice and Benedick are nothing like that. At the masked ball Benedick tries to talk to Beatrice as some on totally different because he is wearing a mask and he wants to know what she really thinks of him, the only thing is Beatrice knows it is him and mocks him. "Why he is the prince's jester, a very dull fool." This part of the play shows that Benedick wants Beatrice's praise because he is asking questions such as "did he never make u laugh" and Beatrice is answering in her usually tone of humiliating him and making him feel small. ...read more.


They use these childish innuendos to create a state of tension between both characters, and also portray a sense of childish lust after each other. Shakespeare has done this to add tension to the piece and create it as if some thing is all ways going to happen between these two characters. In the garden scenes both Beatrice and Benedick are both easily deceived in to falling in love with one and other, this proves that both these characters must have feelings for each other, as if they didn't then it would take a lot more than the prince and his side men, and hero and her chamber maid's, to trick them in to falling in love. It only takes a couple of minutes to trick both these characters in to falling in love with each other, but before Beatrice knows how Benedick feels she is sent out to fetch him for dinner little did she know that, Benedick is now in love with her and he thinks that at this point she is in love with him. 1 ...read more.

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