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How are male and female relationships portrayed in "Romeo and Juliet", Valentine by Carol Ann Duffy and Sonnet 43 by Elizabeth Barret Browning,

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How does Shakespeare portray the male/female relationships in Romeo and Juliet? Male/female relationships are also present in a number of the poems you have studied. Discuss the way the role of these relationships is portrayed in the poetry you have studied. What is your personal response to the literature you have studies. Shakespeare presents male and female relationships in a myriad of ways throughout ?Romeo and Juliet?. The first part of this essay will focus on Romeo and Juliet infatuation with each other and their relationships with others in the play. At the start of the play Romeo?s unrequited love with Rosaline consumes him to a point of unhealthy obsession .The use of negative oxymoron?s such as ?brawling love , O loving hate? portrays Romeos chaotic state of mind due to his feelings for Rosaline . ...read more.


In the poems ?Valentine? by Carol Ann Duffy and ?Sonnet 43? by Elizabeth Barret Browning, The poets both portray a range of male/female relationships through a variety of linguistic techniques. Throughout the poem Duffy creates a pessimistic ambience which gives the reader the impression that Duffy is familiar with the negative side of romantic relationships and has experienced heartache before. It is also obvious that throughout the poem Duffy does not address her lover?s gender. This is because to some people amatory love has no gender .The phrase ?wobbling photo of grief? displays the unstable nature in a romantic male and female relationship .The line ?I am trying to be truthful? portrays the person as defenceless when juxtaposed with the use of imperatives throughout the poem. ...read more.


Browning uses a myriad of techniques to convey religious and pure love. The poet starts off by stating ?how do I love thee?. This rhetorical question signifies the fact that something as natural as love needs no answer. However Browning then goes on to contradict this by saying ?let me count the ways? .By doing this Browning emblematizes the fact that love is capricious. The personal pronoun ?I? continuously repeated to convey the fact that love is unknowingly selfish. By repeating the phrase ?How do I love thee? the poet briefly comments in her past pains ?in my old grief?s? she uses contradictory words such as ?old? and ?childhood? to symbolise that love has no age . ...read more.

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