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How are people presented in Vultures and one other poem of your choice

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How are people presented in Vultures and one other poem of your choice? Both "Vultures" and "Two Scavengers in a truck, two beautiful people in a Mercedes" are presented using people. They both represent people in some way and both include the people in different forms. The poem "Vultures" presents the people using the vultures. These vultures represent people of a certain kind. In real life vultures are real birds of prey, but in the poem they are trying to represent the types of people. The poem, "Two Scavengers in a truck, two beautiful people in a Mercedes", people are presented through the division in society. Vultures are shown that humans aren't so different to animals; it is shown that both animals and humans are shown through their actions. It is shown that vultures are bad in real life because of what they do, but behind all the disgusting habits there is care shown. They appear to have care for each other and therefore this shows us that even though people do bad things, they still have some good factors about them. Both animals and humans are shown through their actions and imagery to show that they are caring even though they have evil within them. For example, it starts off with how the two vultures are picking the eyes of a swollen corpse and how they eat the contents of the bowel. ...read more.


The poem makes lots of contrasts between the two pair and it seems to criticise the society which makes the differences between people so large. When the poet's describing the dustbin men, it is often negative, dirty and cheap. For instance, their jackets are plastic, they are grungy, and he calls them 'scavengers'. We usually think of scavengers as animals that live off whatever others leave behind, like vultures. And in a way that's what they are - they are paid to take away what others don't want, but they do an important job and we couldn't live without them. The poet describes the couple in the Mercedes in a very positive way. He wears a suit and her hair is nicely done, and their car shows just how rich they must be, but at the same time the poet also seems to criticise this couple. He says it's like watching an 'odourless TV' advert, so they don't look like real people and they sound too good to be true. The poet then shows us how two of the men are similar. They are the same age, wear sunglasses and have long hair. And of course they live in the same city - they should be equal. This idea is made very clear at the end. The four people are next to each other, but there is a 'gulf' between them - they are living in different worlds. ...read more.


Overall the words used are both negative and then follow a positive point. 'Two Scavengers in a Truck, two Beautiful People in a Mercedes' uses linguistic features to present people. In the first couple of lines, the colours yellow and red are used to describe the garbage men. These colours are bright and suggest brightness into their lives. The adjective used to describe the people in the Mercedes is elegant and this is repeated, which suggests the couple are boring as there are no other adjectives to describe them. This also emphasises on the word and shows that they are very posh and therefore quite snobby. This is ironic as you would expect the couple to have a better life whereas the garbage men are expected to have a boring and dull life. The way that the couple are dressed and appear is described using various phrase and adjective; 'hip', 'three-piece linen suit', 'shoulder length blond hair & sunglasses', 'young blond woman' and 'casually coifed'. All of the previous suggest that the couple are superior to the garbage men. This is because they are modern and are living what can be described as The 'American Dream'. The garbage men are described more negatively, the first one id referred to as having 'grey iron hair', ''hunched back' and' gargoyle Quasimodo'. The word 'grey' contrasts with the earlier colours but also suggests that he is quite dirty, the phrase 'gargoyle Quasimodo' implies that he is ugly and compares him to the Hunchback of Notre Dame, who was very caring and loving despite his appearance. ...read more.

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