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How Are Teenagers Presented In The Magazine Article The Good News About Teenagers?

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How Are Teenagers Presented In The Magazine Article "The Good News About Teenagers"? This article is written by Laurie Graham, a writer by profession and a mother of teenagers. The article is featured in a women's magazine and seems to be aimed at parents (or soon to be parents) of teens. Graham's own experience of being a mother means that she draws on personal experience, which means that readers are more likely to believe her and be convinced that there are good things about teens. The main purpose of the article is to explain that teenagers and teen years aren't bad. ...read more.


Graham also uses a topic sentence on each paragraph, in a bolder font, which makes readers want to continue reading. The structure of the article is in three parts: part one is Graham introducing her views, and she shows her opinion (which is a positive one) on teenagers, which disagrees with the perceptions of young people today, and the portrayal of teenagers by judgemental elders. She expected teenagers would give her plenty of bad topics to write about, but it's quite the opposite; she uses powerful adjectives to explain this, such as "Gruesome". The second paragraph shows the pleasant side and benefits to teens, and how they eventually learn to help out around the house. ...read more.


The vivid language that Laurie uses is chosen to great effect, as the nature of 'irritating repetition' would paint a picture in reader's minds of an annoying child. The visual image of the article, mainly the sketch in the middle, describes a teenager asking to borrow his mother's car to get cigarettes; moments after she explains that teens are so involved in their environment, and being extremely idealistic. The ironic humor is added to by the expression on the women's faces, and even more so that the cartoon fits perfectly with the style of the insight of a mother, and the language and humor is one that all parents pick up on in their lifetime. Laurie has used many devices to portray her opinions and ideas on teens, and she has successfully communicated them through this article. ...read more.

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Response to the question

this is a fairly well-organised answer with some good analysis. Quite often the precision is lost with poor/few examples from the text to back up the analysis, and there are times when the candidate appears to write extensively but it ...

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Response to the question

this is a fairly well-organised answer with some good analysis. Quite often the precision is lost with poor/few examples from the text to back up the analysis, and there are times when the candidate appears to write extensively but it actually repeating themselves, targeting different linguistic techniques used by Graham for a variety of short sentences that ultimately say the same thing with regard to getting the reader to "read on" or remain "interested in the article" etc. These should really be addressed in one, targeting the analysis at more specific example in subsequent sentences that don't take too long, because you get no marks for repeating yourself and this is the candidate's main downfall. Saying a lot about a little is the key to high grades, but the analysis must reach to various points and not dissipate all focus on a single point of reader attention.

Level of analysis

The Level of Analysis is good for the majority, but could be even better should the recommendations above be taken into account. On the plus side (and this is by no means a bad essay) the candidate makes a good, if a little short, recognition of the intended audience and there is a partially implicit-explicit explanation of how the layout and presentation of the article is suited to the audience. Also recognised is the difficulty of the topic, and so the bright and colourful layout helps the information as noted here.

The conclusion however is a large disappointment, simply because' it's not there. Conclusions, by definitions, must conclude the analysis undertaken and consolidate the ideas into a short summary paragraph. Without them, candidate swill lose marks for essay structure even if they show adeptness in their analysis.

Quality of writing

The Quality of Written Communication is fine. Whilst no hugely challenging lexis is used, and a limited range of linguistics-exclusive lexes are mentioned, the candidate does not make any errors in their spelling, grammar or punctuation - not noticeable ones at least, so it is likely the candidate will receive all QWC marks available for this answer.

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Reviewed by sydneyhopcroft 06/09/2012

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