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How are The Characters Presented at the start of "A View From The Bridge"?

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Transfer-Encoding: chunked ´╗┐How are The Characters Presented at the start of A View From The Bridge The play opens with the introduction of Alfieri. He is shown to have the role of a chorus: a bridging character between the audience and the characters. The chorus tends to exist almost outside the play, as they know the outcome of the play, and is rarely part of the main action; their purpose in a play is to address the audience and help them to interpret action and they are a common feature in tragedy. The significance of Alfieri is that he alludes to the title and is the one giving us the ?View From the Bridge?. Alfieri is described as being a ?portly lawyer in his fifties?. Since he is a lawyer it is safe to assume that he is somewhat wealthy, as shown by the fact that he is portly, however it also hints towards the outcome of the play. As stated by Alfieri ?to see a lawyer ? is unlucky. We?re only thought of in connection with disasters? foreshadowing the future events of the play. ...read more.


While this can once again be chalked up to Eddie?s parental concern for Catherine and his desire for her to finish school it seems as if the underlying message is that Eddie wants to control Catherine into doing things that he deems as acceptable rather than giving her the freedom to choose her own life. Eddie?s wish for Catherine to not pursue the job offer she had been given might be explained by the fact that he sees her as the ?Madonna type?. At the time the play was set to be the Madonna type was to be morally and sexually pure, in reference to the Virgin Mary. The fact that Eddie says that she is ?the Madonna type? shows that he is idealising her to an extreme and is also idolising her; he sees her at an impossibly high standard which she has no hope of actually being. Now it could be seen once again as a sort of parental pride for their child to be the Madonna type or it could be interpreted at Eddie seeing her as pure for him, further hinting to the romantic undertones in their relationship. ...read more.


Just after Catherine leaves Eddie asks Beatrice why she?s mad at him, she proceeds to say, ?who?s mad? ? I'm not mad ? you're the one is mad.? clearly implying that she is in fact mad. This shows the dysfunction in their relationship caused by Catherine, who is oblivious to the whole thing. The fight was caused by the fact that Catherine went to retrieve Eddie?s cigars which is traditionally a wife's role. Beatrice's anger to this shows the jealousy she feels and her frustration due to the fact that Eddie and Catherine do not even realise what is going on. However Catherine might have some clue as to how she's making Beatrice feel when she is described as speaking ?almost guiltily? after light the cigar. While her guilt might be due to the fact that she hadn't helped Beatrice clean up the dishes, guilt would be a rather strong emotion to feel for such a small act. What is more likely is that Catherine has realised that she had come in the way of an act that Beatrice should?ve done and is trying to atone for that by helping to clean the dishes. ...read more.

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