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How are the concepts of evil and the supernatural shown in the play Macbeth ?

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Something Wicked This Way Comes How are the concepts of evil and the supernatural shown in the play Macbeth ? 'Something wicked this way comes', the second witch says about Macbeth as he enters.The witch is saying that Macbeth is evil and does wicked things.This leads Macbeth to awful happenings. He kills King Duncan, Banquo and Lady Macduff along with her many children. This is linked with the supernatural because Macbeth believed in the witches and thought that by killing people would protect him. Supernatural and wickedness is shown in Macbeth because of the supernatural, being the witches and hallucinations. The wickedness comes from Macbeth killing so many people. In this essay I am going to discuss the wickedness and the supernatural of the play Macbeth. The play Macbeth was written between 1603-1606. This was in the Jacobean times when James the first of England was King. Even though the play was written then, it was set many hundreds of years before. Many people were fascinated in the supernatural and believed in witches. James was especially interested in the supernatural. This is why Macbeth was such an interesting and meaningful play for him to watch. The Jacobean audience would have believed that Macbeth was cursed as he had many hallucinations. ...read more.


The witches also speak in riddle , they tend to not tell the truth but mislead you, like the oxymorons do. As an example they misleading, they mislead Macbeth into killing for him to be able to become the Thane of Glamis, the Thane of Cawdor and the king. The first witch says,"All hail Macbeth, hail to thee, Thane of Glamis." The witches say," All hail Macbeth, hail to thee, Thane of Glamis, Thane of Cawdor, all hail to Macbeth, that shalt be king hereafter." When the witches say this Macbeth is unaware of the misfortunes which are about to take place and he believes in the witches. As the witches cannot kill humans they harm them instead, "a sailors wife had chestnuts in her lap and munch'd, and munch'd, 'Give me.' Quoth I. 'Aroint thee, witch', the rump-fed cries." The sailors wife would not give the witch her chestnuts. In return ads the witch could not kill, she decided to harm the sailors wife husband who was at sea , "I'th'shipman's card. I'll drain him dry as hay:sleep shall neither night nor day hang upon his penthouse lid;he shall live a man forbid." The witch starts to curse the sailor, she brings upon storms to the sea so that he will not sleep neither day or night therfore he will become ill. ...read more.


Lady Macbeth ends up killing herself because she feels so guilty for what she has done. Macbeth was the most affected by the witches. His first meeting with the witches was after a fight. They told him that he was going to eventuallly become king. Mcabeth liked what the witches were predicting, evn though he was frightened of them. The witches liked picking on Macbeth as they were picking on something that he truly believed in. "This supernatural soliciting cannot be ill, cannot be good,"Macbeth doesn't know whether believeing the witches is a good idea or even if what they are predicting is true or not. Lady Macbeth then pursuades Macbeth that killing Duncan would be good and that it will make Macbeth king sooner. Macbeths thoughts about killing Duncan, "my thought, whose murder yet is fantastical, shakes so my single state or man that function." This means that its only a fantasy and it shakes him even thinking about killing somone especially the king. After the murdur of king Duncan macbeth walks out with the bloody dagger. Lady Macbeth immediatly takes the bloddy dagger from him and washes away the evidence. Macbeth starts having hallucinations, "is this a dagger i see before me, the handle before my hand?" Macbeth sees the dagger that he killed Duncan with. This is when Macbeth starts going mad. ?? ?? ?? ?? Cassie Brin ...read more.

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