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How are the conventions of the horror genre used in the opening sequence of The Ring?

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Media: How are the conventions of the horror genre used in the opening sequence of 'The Ring'? Throughout the history of the horror film genre many conventions have been associated with it: storms; a black, gloomy atmosphere combined with an old creeky house; of course a monster or two, but 'The Ring' -which is also known as 'Ringu'- however plays on the idea that technology can harm you. The original film was produced in Japan, which is highly advanced in technology so the idea that it can turn on humans could have quite a terrifying result. The conventions of the traditional horror genre are still used: the dark corners of what seem to be a small bedroom look as if they could hide anything; the non-diegetic sounds, screeches and booming noises add to the eerie atmosphere and keep the audience on the edge of their seats. 'The Ring' is a modern 2002 remake of a Japanese horror film of the same name, both films are based on the novel written by Koji Suzuki. ...read more.


It does however show the female role in the horror genre has developed from a damsel in distress to a strong character capable of solving the mystery on their own. The role of the ghoul -played by Daveigh Chase- named Samara Morgan is an angry ghost that has been mistreated in her life and now wants everyone to know what had become of her. Because the film is based on Japanese folklore, a favourite tale is for a restless female spirit to seek revenge and the girl does this through the use of a video tape, adding to the element of fear as this is a modern object which we can all relate to as we all own a video tape. The appearance of Adian -Rachel's son- is not uncommon in a horror film as children usually play quite a sinister, mysterious character that seem to know more than they should, or perhaps have some sort of connection with the villain of the film. ...read more.


blueish, green tint to the film which further emphasises this, and gives an almost sinister atmosphere, which is a common convention of the horror genre. The lighting in the house at the beginning of the film is very poor, and the corners of rooms seem to disappear in darkness giving the impression that anything and everything could be hiding in it's depths, this shows and example of the horror genre. Along with lighting, there are a variety of sounds used throughout the film, diegetic sounds are used such as the telephone, which creates suspense as after watching the mysterious tape you receive a phone call. There are many non-diegetic sounds aswell which keep the audience on the edge of their seat, and are uncomfortable sounds (such as screaming) that we could link to the horror genre. The conventions of the horror film genre in 'The Ring' are shown throughout the film in a variety of ways including: lighting, sound, camera angles, setting, character and many more which all add to the overall effect and make it a success as a horror film. ...read more.

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