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How are the parents shown to be at fault in both Your Shoes and Growing up?

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Year 11 Assessment on short stories - higher tier Q How are the parents shown to be at fault in both Your Shoes and Growing up? Even though Growing up is written in 3rd person and Your shoes in 1st, both stories are told through the eyes of the demoralized parents; this emphasizes the delusion of the mother in Your shoes and also of the father in Growing up: similarly both negatively portray the children involved, as a negative part of the parents' lives. There are striking resemblances in Your shoes and Growing up; in reflection to the parents deluded and self pitiful ways. In light of the context of the 2 short stories it is clear that the parents are all made to be thought of as negative role models to their children: this is evident in the actions and input their offspring have in the stories. The main similarity of the two stories is the negative mentality of both parents. ...read more.


and secondly it is as though they have lost alL sense of time and forgotten that their children are growing up and maturing. The structures of the stories strongly reflect the parents mentality. In Growing up the story has a chronological order resulting in a straight forward journey: this is exactly how the father's life is on a day to day basis, it is all very simple; having a chronological order depicts a very predicting future just as the father has. Likewise Your shoes has a structure that resembles the mothers mentality: the ambiguous structure is strongly similar to the mothers mental stability ( very confused and jumbled). The endings of each story are very conclusive in total different ways, Your shoes ending is only conclusive about the mental state of the narrator (mother)- nothing else; whereas Growing up has a more poignant realization where the father realizes that he has pushed his daughter so far away she is returning the rejection. ...read more.


The father may also be very self conscious especially in reflection to his vanishing dignity and his concerns about the meaning of his life, especially now his children are becoming independent. The main parents' partners (mother in Growing up and father in Your shoes) have their own faults and these are not compensated for in the story. In growing up the mother is very selfish and tied up with her committee work rather than her children, however it is strange how the girls behave in a very demure way when they are in the company of their mother (become well dressed and are very polite). In Your shoes it is the father whom has caused the main problems to the parent's relationship with their daughter by referring to her as a "dirty slut"; however the father is a very elusive person who appears only indirectly as a cause of his daughter's unhappiness. Conclusively both stories depict and emphasize both parents' faults and mistakes clearly and also the children's actions following the faults. At the end of both stories the reader is totally resigned to the endings and circumstances of both omniscient parents. ...read more.

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