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How are the young David and Cassie presented as victims in the novels 'David Copperfield' and 'Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry'

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How are the young David and Cassie presented as victims in the novels 'David Copperfield' and 'Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry' 'Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry' is a story about an African American girl growing up in a racist community in Mississippi during the 1930's. It shows her family as they struggle to survive in the racist community, try to keep their land and survive on the little money they get because of the fall in cotton prices due to the economic depression. David Copperfield on the other hand is about a boy growing up in a mid-Victorian world. With his family dieing around him, nowhere to live and people constantly taking advantage of him, David also has a hard time growing up. In Roll of thunder we see the whole story through the eyes of Cassie and how life is for her. Whilst in David Copperfield the story is told by David so we only see how he thought it happened. In this essay I am going to compare the way in which these two young people are treated as victims and whether their characters influence people to treat them inadequately. At home David has memories of a happy childhood, until his mother Clara remarries to a man called Mr Murdstone who victimised him. ...read more.


Two people who had been his friends were Ham and Emily but even Emily had betrayed him when they were both older. Steerforth was also one of David friends. Steerforth took advantage of David still though. He asked David if he wanted him to look after his money for him. 'What money have you got Copperfield...you had better give that to me to take care of, at least you can if you like' David believes everyone is truthful and trustworthy, he thinks that Steerforth is being nice to him and looking after money to make sure he spends it wisely and doesn't loose it but Steerforth tells him to buy wine, almond cakes and biscuits for them both and the wine will be to keep David awake while he is reading to Steerforth in the evenings. Although Steerforth in the end is a good friend towards David he also takes advantage of David's innocence. Cassie also had few friends in which she could trust other than her brothers. TJ was supposed to be their friend but he constantly betrayed them. TJ told the Wallaces that Mama covered the books. 'Didja tell it? You tell them Wallaces 'bout Mama?' 'me?' TJ didn't even admit it was him who made Mama loose her job. ...read more.


When people victimise her she takes action and gets her revenge. When Cassie went to Strawberry she bumped into Lillian Jean by mistake. Lillian Jean told her to apologise and so she did but that wasn't enough for Lillian Jean and so she told Cassie to get into the road, Cassie refused and when Mr Simms came he made her get in the road and apologise to Lillian Jean again. Cassie was embarrassed and annoyed with Lillian Jean for depriving her of her rights like that so she had to get her revenge. ' I frailed into her, tackling her with such force that we both fell over' 'and she apologised for herself and her father' Cassie devised a foul proof plan to 'stitch' Lillian Jean up. She then bribed her into not telling anyone. Although her family are constantly victimised she knows that they shouldn't be treated in that way and so won't put up with it. David and Cassie are both treated as victims throughout their childhoods. I think on one hand David is treated like a victim because he doesn't know how he should be treated and doesn't stick up for himself and on the other Cassie is treated like a victim because she knows how she should be treated and speaks out about it. While David apologises for what he has done -usually nothing- Cassie plots her revenge. I think both stories show realistic points of view of two people struggling to survive their childhoods. ...read more.

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