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How Arthur Conan Doyle maintains interest

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English C/W by Mark Evans 10R How does Arthur Conan Doyle maintain the readers interest in his story "the speckled band" I am writing about how Arthur Conan Doyle keeps the reader's interest in the story "The Speckled Band" from "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes" It follows the story of Watson, Sherlock Holmes' friend and associate, as he helps with cases investigated by Holmes. "The Speckled Band" starts with Helen Stoner a young woman about to be married who is distressed and asks Holmes to investigate her sister's death two years previously. Helen thought it was fright her sister, Julia, had died of but she wasn't sure what of apart from her last murmurs which repeated "The Speckled Band". Holmes was interested in this case and asked if he could investigate her family home owned by her step-father, Dr Grimsby Roylott, who later stormed in on Holmes and threatened him shortly after Helen had left. At the House Sherlock Holmes noticed many things about the mansion. There had been works done to the house which involved a vent going into another room and a bell rope which didn't work. ...read more.


and accounts that gypsies have spotted head-scarves on. The other characters I was suspicious of were the baboon and cheetah which is kept in the garden by Roylott. Helen seemed very scared of them and she locked her doors and windows to keep them out so they were obviously quite dangerous. The first character I will analyse is Watson, the person who is written to be telling the story. Watson seems to really respect Holmes and almost be in awe of him. He also seems to know him quite well at one point referring to the case "You would, I am sure, wish to follow it from the outset" the words I am sure seem to show he has an understanding of him. I think also that Watson feels privileged to be with Holmes and doesn't mind being bossed around by Sherlock Holmes. Personally I don't like Holmes as he comes off to me as an arrogant, self-absorbed person. When Roylott storms in and compares him to the police Holmes says "Fancy his having the insolence to confound me with the official detective force" Here he is saying that he is so much better than the police force and that he is stupid for comparing him to it. ...read more.


When Conan Doyle sets the scene he uses many feelings and adjectives describing the place. "A moment later we were out on the dark road, a chill wind blowing in our faces, and one yellow light twinkling in front of us through the gloom to guide us on our sombre errand. There was little difficulty in entering the grounds, for unrepaired breaches gaped in the old park wall." This creates strong images in our head by using words like gaped and sombre with each individual word adds a little piece of the picture. Conan Doyle also adds strength to the picture by using strong versions of words like boomed and wild instead of weak words like called or rough. My personal response to the book is that I didn't really enjoy the plot of the story but the way that Conan Doyle writes is amazing and it is blatant why he is so highly valued as a writer. I also enjoyed the way he described the settings and characters and used red herrings to have a big surprise twist at the end which was very thrilling reading ...read more.

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