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how Baz Luhrmann makes Shakespeare appealing to a young, modern audience

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Write a magazine article for a film magazine commenting on how Baz Luhrmann makes Shakespeare appealing to a young, modern audience. Make specific reference to the opening sequence. This brilliant remake is simply Shakespeare's classic with a bit of a face lift. Baz Luhrmann's flamboyant direction pumps new life into his 20th century adaptation of 'Romeo and Juliet'. This modernised film takes you twisting and turning into a roller-coaster ride of love, lies and tragedy. Telling the story in a completely different way; using drugs, sporty cars and coca cola adds to give it that punch that all young people can relate to. While still staying true to the original script, all the scenes appear on a back drop of a fantasised, modern day world in Verona beach. Luhrmann also uses youthful up coming new actors and actresses (Leonardo Di Caprio and Claire Danes), the cherry on the cake. ...read more.


There is strong contrast between scenes of desolation and emptiness and scenes of extreme colour and vibrancy. There is almost a cartoon style shown, with intense colours, dramatic action and high-energy dialogue. The film uses Luhrmann's innovative technique of quite edgy and jerky camera work, which manages to successfully reflect the fast paced action of the story without losing anything. Whilst most people would have thought that Shakespearean language is hard for the ordinary person to understand, the words are conveyed through the scenes and settings. The costume also helps us get a sense of the modern streak Luhrmann has added, dressing the Montague boys in loose fitted Hawaiian shirts and shorts, unlike the bare chest Capulets, in leather pants and jackets. Romeo and Juliet are then married with the help of Romeo's priest and Juliet's maid, who have the misguided idea that a marriage between the two families will resolve the feud, despite the fact that Juliet's family wish her to marry Paris, a rich and well-connected family friend. ...read more.


This is one of the most significant parts in the film as Romeo and Juliet meet for the first time. Luhrmann used costume to help highlight this moment and bring out its significance. Baz Luhrmann's version of the tragedy Romeo and Juliet is suitable for people aging from teenagers to adults. It tells the story in a uniquely different method. It uses the original script by William Shakespeare but all the scenes appear against the backdrop of present times. Gone are the days of riding in chariots, instead come the days of riding in convertibles and flashy sports cars. Three Hundred years ago William Shakespeare wrote a tragic play called Romeo and Juliet that captured the hearts of every person who walked into the Globe Theatre to watch it. Centuries on though these works have not been lost but they have been forgotten. Although Baz Luhrmann has re-created the works of William Shakespeare using modern day technology has let everyone understand the Shakespearean language but more importantly the Tragedy of Romeo and his Juliet. Tanushri Mrs. Olujinmi English ...read more.

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