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How can the Australian identity be seen through poetry? What authors specialise in expressing their point of view of the Australian Identity through their poems?

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Good morning to everyone. How can the Australian identity be seen through poetry? What authors specialise in expressing their point of view of the Australian Identity through their poems? These are just a few of the questions that will be answered in the duration of my talk. I have chosen a very famous Australian Poet who goes by the name of Henry Lawson who many believe was the first poet to catch the Australian way of life. Born in 1867 on a goldfield in rural New South Wales Lawson was brought up in a very poor family. His father worked at the local mine. Lawson's mother gave him lots of books and due to an ear infection Henry became party deaf, then at 14, totally deaf. He was isolated from his peers at school because of his disability and got in a habit of looking at the way people act by constantly watching them. As Henry grew older he developed a strong connection with the early Australian settlers and their hardships. ...read more.


As clear as little bells." This was the time of development and change. Towards the end of the poem there is a feeling of reminisces and that is that Australians were reluctant to the idea of change. They loved the land and loved the way it was but when the early settlers came for the gold rush when, "The Brooding bush, Awakened." "The camping grounds are green ... The mighty bush with iron rails Is tethered to the world." Australia is now apart of the mainland, the bush is now with, "iron rails." This meant that Australia was now becoming well known with the super powers in the world like America. There was nothing else to do but move on, "and tramp to another ground." Lawson implies that there is nothing anyone can do that can take away the true Australian identity, that we are just going to move on and continue our way of life no matter what. Representing the Australian attitude to never give up. ...read more.


The Aboriginal. There is absolutely no mention whatsoever about the things that the Aboriginals contributed to the land. Perhaps they weren't even noticed, perhaps they were isolated further into the bush where if they had a problem it wouldn't be an issue the newly urbanised Australia. Sure they would have had the same hardships and the battles with surviving in the bush but they had done it their whole lives so some could argue the Aboriginals had it harder. These poems without doubt defiantly catch the idea of the Australian identity. There is a very dominant masculine discourse throughout both of these poems and a great romanticism of the Australian relationship with the land and the idea of mateship and loyalty. Lawson has covered every Australian characteristic from 'the hard working Aussie' to the 'Aussie that is genuine and a faithful mate. Even though Lawson recognizes the identity of most of the Australians that, "Made Australia," he doesn't see the irony of the old fashioned, hardworking farmers being the creators of Australia. Perhaps when Lawson one realises this, the original Australians which are the Aborigines will "take their places sternly by-and-by." ...read more.

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