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How ChampionshipManager came about.

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How Championship Manager came about It all started back in the early 80s after Oliver and Paul Collyer got their first PC - a BBC which was replaced by an Amstrad and eventually an Atari ST. Their interest in footie had been there from an early age, Paul's being sparked off by the '78 World Cup and Oliver's by the '82 World Cup. Having played one of the earliest manager games which were good for its time, Paul and Oliver were convinced they could do better. Many of the first games were programmed in BASIC which was easy to hack into and so could be messed around with and improved. The ambition behind this was to get a program listing in one of the early computer games magazines. Although this never materialised Paul and Oliver continued over the next few years to develop their own game in their spare time gradually making it more complex and sophisticated. Many of their friends started to play the game and told them they should try and get it published. In 1991 Oliver and Paul started to contact some of the well known games publishers. Most of the publishers turned down the game saying it was not graphical enough or that it did not fit into their overall image, so it proved to be a frustrating time as they knew they had a good game but could not convince the publishers of this fact. ...read more.


This basically meant if you were losing change a couple of players and hope for the best. However, its addictiveness was clear even at that early stage. Development continued through the summer of '95 and after a couple of delays the game was released in September of that year. It was an instant success and remained in the top twenty selling games for the next year. Soon after the release of Championship Manager 2, a few websites dedicated to the game started to spring up. So Oliver said "We should have one of those". Mark who hadn't got a clue about website design said "OK - I'll give it a go". A month or so later in November '95, the first (albeit very basic) website from the "Creators and Writers of Championship Manager 2" was launched. Paul began to devote more time to Championship Manager 2 96/97 and the famous patch which was released April '96 and went a long way to sorting out the problems associated with the original Championship Manager 2. Championship Manager 2 96/97 was released October '96 and again was well received. Paul and Mark started work on Championship Manager 97/98 in early 1997. One of the greatest quotes ever came from this "Oh - this'll be easy - it'll only take a couple of weeks", said Paul, the eternal optimist. ...read more.


What is expected to be the final update of the original Championship Manager 3 has just been released and includes many enhancements and improvements. This is known as version 3.04e and has incorporated a lot of the suggestions given to us by many Championship Manager 3 users around the world. Version 3.04e now allows you to play the game in three new languages - these are Spanish, Norwegian and Swedish. A completely new re-written version of Championship Manager has just been released titled "Championship Manager 4" after an almost year long wait and 4 expansion packs later the game is now running quite well without as many bugs as in the original release. Many fans of the game though see it as a failure after months of wait and 4 delays later the game came out full of bugs even after almost 5 months of testing by over 100 people! SI Games have worked hard to correct these bugs providing expansion packs which fix the bugs released on the website and in the Championship Manager magazines which are released every few months. Overall Paul & Oliver Collyer created a very addictive life like football management game which many people find enjoyment out of and I bet they never thought 20 Years ago when starting work on the first version of what is now known as Championship Manager would ever prove to be this successful and end up producing over 10 different versions of the game. Joe Markland ...read more.

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