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How concerned are each of the following characters (Blanche, Stella, Stanley and Mitch) with their own survival? Discuss their needs and how they go about fulfilling them, and calculate their success in terms of surviving the events of the play.

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A Streetcar Named Desire How concerned are each of the following characters (Blanche, Stella, Stanley and Mitch) with their own survival? Discuss their needs and how they go about fulfilling them, and calculate Their success in terms of surviving the events of the play In this following essay I intend to discuss how each of the following characters that are Stanley, Mitch, Blanche and Stella use their actions, emotions, and sex to manipulate each other in order to survive and achieve what they have set out to do. In this play each one of the characters has an intention to fulfil a need of their own, for Stanley he's intention is to remain as a dominant force in his and Stella's relationship and not let anyone get in between their love for each other, he also uses sex as one of his strong points to manipulate Stella and lead her to believe that he is right all the way. Mitch's ambition in this play is to find a partner and have a good and stable relationship with them before he's mother dies, he wants to make he's mother proud of him that he is going to have someone else to comfort him after she dies. Blanches need in this play is also to find a partner to comfort her as she had lost her young lover and needs someone to light a bright spark in her life and also to let her forget the tragic death of her past lover which still haunts her through out the play. ...read more.


We learn in the play that Blanche used to have a young seventeen year old lover who tragically shot himself after an argument with Blanche. She keeps remembering the night that he died and the exact conversation they had she uses vague expression when she talks about him and she keeps his letters to her very closely. I think the reason why Blanche has these dramatic flashbacks is that she has not found a partner to comfort her and let her move on, if Blanche moved on she would forget some of the things that happened to her and she would live a normal life again. But this need for Blanche is stopped as Stanley gets involved and later she is sent to a mental asylum. Later in the play Blanche finds someone she can express her feelings to, this person was Mitch, although Blanche found Mitch quite boring to talk to she could express her feelings to him and he would understand an example of this is when Blanche tells him about the death of her last lover she starts crying on his shoulder and Mitch seems comforting from this point of the play Blanche has found someone that can actually comfort her when she gets those dramatic flashbacks, she has succeeded in finding someone but later this promising relationship turns into nothing and Blanche has lost what she had set out to do. ...read more.


To achieve all of his objectives he used he's masculinity, roughness and free will of power over everyone in the household, so I think that Stanley Kowalski who represents the new America achieved what he had set out to do. Stella survived with manipulation from her husband who later won her over her own sister Blanche. She survived by sticking to her husband who basically controlled her throughout the play. So I think although Stella had lost her sister she still had survived and still had her husband and a full stable relationship. Unfortunately for people like Blanche and Mitch things did not go well at all, they had both searched for a lover and they found each other but unfortunately their relationship did not go well and Mitch did not get married before his mother had died and for Blanche she did not find someone to comfort and love her after her young lovers tragic death. Finally I think the biggest victim in the play was Blanche because she had lost Belle Reve together with her mum and dad, also her lover, which she had loved dearly, loved and at the end Blanche Du Bois sadly was sent to a mental asylum, which she would have to stay in for a long time meaning that she will probably never find true love, and still keep having tragic visions of her lovers death who she had a good relationship with. By: Tadas Balnys 10A Date: 6/01/03 ...read more.

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