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How Dickens creates a picture of nineteenth Century school in 'Nicholas Nickleby'.

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How Dickens creates a picture of nineteenth Century school in 'Nicholas Nickleby'. This essay demonstrates how Charles Dickens, the author of the novel 'Nicholas Nickleby' creates an image of the 19th century school Dotheby's Hall School for Boys. Also I will be discussing the conditions of the school, the description of the boys and the protagonists (Mr. Squeers, Smike and Nicholas.) In the 19th century the rich students were treated pleasantly because they had the money to pay the school however the poor students were treated harshly. Also, in the 19th century there was no social service so the teachers could do as they wished to the students. When Dickens was writing this novel, conditions in schools would have been terrible because in the 19th century there would still have been corporal punishment. The divide between rich and poor people as the poor people could not afford to pay so the teachers would make them work but the rich were treated superior because they had the money to pay for the school. ...read more.


In addition here is another quotation 'an unhealthy looking boy with warts all over his hands.' This portrays that the children are not being given any medicine for any wounds. Dickens is trying to make the reader create a picture that makes them feel repentant for the boys. However, Dickens shows the character Mr. and Mrs. Squeers as the symbol of evil and violence in this novel. Mr. Squeers has power in the beginning of the story but through the extent of the novel he looses the power to Nicholas Nickleby and the children gain hope from Nicholas Nickleby. For example 'administering a cut with the cane'. This examines that Mr. Squeers has the power to do what ever he wishes to the children. Mr. Squeers looses his power over the children at the end for example 'beat the ruffian till he roared for mercy'. This studies how Mr. Squeers is weakened by one man. Nickleby also uses violence to gain power over Mr. Squeers Nickelby uses violence for the right reason. ...read more.


The good reason why to use violent is when Nickleby attacked Mr. Squeers in the story for example I'll flog you within an inch of your life'. This discusses that Nicholas is tired of seeing corporal punishment and wants to make a stop to it NOW. Dickens uses physical violence in the novel for example 'administering a cut with the cane'. This examines that Mr. Squeers can hit the children and no one can say anything to him. The children have no parents and no one really cares about them, so they are in the inferior social class. In conclusion, I think Dickens creates good picture of the school by using such strong vocabulary. I think that Dickens wrote this novel because at that time corporal punishment was aloud in schools and Dickens thought it was wrong so he wanted to write a novel to show how bad it was then with bad teachers and poor students and if there was no corporal punishment I n those days he would of made Mr. Squeers a good person. Barham Mamand 11G2 ...read more.

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