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How Dickins create's mystery and suspense in 'The SignalMan' ?

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Danielle Hann 11/4 The SignalMan How Dickins create mystery and suspense in 'The SignalMan' ? Over the last few months I have been studying 'The SignalMan' by Charles Dickens. The story is a pre 19th century story, a period in which books were the main form of entertainment. The story is full of mystery and suspense, mystery being something that cannot be explained or understood; something puzzling, Suspense being an anxious or uncertain feeling while waiting for something to happen or become known. This story contains these and also contains a feeling of unease and horror. The setting in the Singnal Man is a very gloomy setting as Charles Dickens begins the story in the twilight part of the day therefore characters cannot see each other and what they do see is a dark gloomy ghosty sighting, 'Dark sallow man, with a dark beard and rather heavy eyebrows' his description all ready at this point of the story are full of darkness, this description creats suspense and mystery about the characters and talks about the characters being strange. A setting that had a sense of dead is imagined as Charles Dickens describes the surroundings, 'forbidding air' which gives a sense of unhealthy atmosphere, the dead atmosphere. ...read more.


The signalman is conveting that he is a ghost by not talking or giving any attention to his guest. In a ghost story you are expecting something to be odd. He then thinks that he has seen the narrator before 'wheather I had seen you before'. He speaks in a tone but a little over a whisper and it causes the reader to ask why? The signalman's attitude is a cause for concern as the narrator belowed 'Infection in his mind. Then he was relived to be a serious man with a responsibility which he was keeping up to twice broke from communicating and looked at the bell'. Charles Dickens continues to convey that the signalman was a ghost as the narrator says ' His manner seemed to make the place srike colder' which causes tension and a feeling of foreboding. He tells us he saw a figure by the red light 'The left arm across the face, and the right arm waved violently'. As he does not reveal his face this adds mystery. Who was he? It makes you think that the signal man is mad. A feeling of and intrigue is created as the signalman asks 'you had no feeling that they were conveyed to you in a supernatural way' as the signalman asks to why the narrator called out 'Halloa Below there' this causes tension and the readers want to know why the signalman was asking questions. ...read more.


'Within six hours after the appearance, the memorable accident on the line happend, and within ten hours the dead and wounded were brought through the tunnel over the spot where the figure had stood'. The rate in which the story developed is quiet quick and this gives it suspense. The story contains irony , The signalman was being warned of his own death where the signalman does not realise this.Supernatural presents ghost stories is good to create intrest and suspence to the story. The ending of the SignalMan is powerfull, the story also coveys a meaning in life to how fate rules. The ending of the Signalman is Horrific and sad as we are just getting to know the signalman well and shocking that a man who was dedicated to his post had lost his life. The significants is that the Signalman has been warned of his own death and we realise this in the end.I think this could not have been prevented, as it was fate depending on the Signalmans life.The story ends with quiet a violent and emotional death. I Beleve this is a succssesfull ghost story because it contains all the ingedients for a good ghost story, excitement, suspense, mystery and also leaves the reader in wonder over the events. ...read more.

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