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How did fate take part in the deaths of Romeo and Juliet?

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Romeo & Juliet How did fate take part in the deaths of Romeo and Juliet? We must first answer the question: what is fate? A definition of fate would be the power that is supposed to settle ahead of time how things will happen. Could there be such a power that regulates our lives, In Romeo and Juliet fate was a big issue in times where they believed in superstitions. In Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, it is right to say that Fate was the only contributor to the deaths of the young couple, or was it brought about by the mistakes of others? In the contemporary world, all people choose to believe that they know ho to be responsible and be able to control their own lives. They believe that their problems are caused by actions influencing upon them. The Prologue at the beginning of the play suggests it was mainly fate that was to blame, "star-cross'd lovers and "death-mark'd love" are examples of this. ...read more.


The first appearance of fate can be seen when Benvolio tries to persuade Romeo that love for Rosaline is false. "Be rul'd by me, forget to think of her." Benvolio sees his chance to help Romeo "go thither; and with unattained eye compare her face with some that I shall show, and I will make thee think thy swan is a crow." It is either pure chance that the servant arrives when he did or, it is fate intervening. Also fate exists when Romeo and Juliet meet at the party and they fall in Love with each other. This is the party that Paris has attended to look at Other girls and Romeo has gone by a suggestion by Benvolio. Mercutio, one of Romeo's friends and an ally of the Montague family, changed the route of events by encouraging Romeo to go the Capulet's pretence and duelling with Tybalt in town. If Mercutio had not encouraged Romeo to go to the Capulet's dance, the couple would never have met and their deaths would have been averted. ...read more.


Another example of fate being evident is when the servant turns up at the same time as Romeo and Benvolio are talking to each other. The servant was told by Capulet to deliver the invitation but couldn't read them. I do not think there is one single person who is wholly to blame but Friar Laurence plays a large part in the tragedy, mainly through his complicated Plans, which needed precise timing, and in the end simply did not happen. Romeo did not receive the letter, so when he heard the bad news from Balthazar, he thought Juliet was really dead. In my conclusion, Romeo and Juliet killed themselves because their judgment told them it was the only thing to do. As a result it was not entirely fate that leads to Romeo and neither Juliet committing neither suicide, nor chance, nor a Decision made by a particular character, but a combination of many Factors. We are not offered a simple solution in the deaths of Romeo and Juliet, and whether it was their destiny, misadventure, coincidence, or Choices made by certain characters, we cannot blame the deaths of Romeo and Juliet on one aspect. ...read more.

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