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How did Stephen Daldry, the director of 'An Inspector Calls' use the set to reinforce JB Priestly's message for the audience?

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How did Stephen Daldry, the director of 'An Inspector Calls' use the set to reinforce JB Priestly's message for the audience? The director of 'An Inspector Calls', Stephen Daldry, used the set to reinforce JB Priestly's message for the audience by using various structures, to convey symbolism and by using people to show the different statuses. JB Priestly wrote this play intentionally as he saw an urgent need for social change and used the play to express his desire for social equality. This particular play makes the audience aware of what has happened and to learn from mistakes made and that also everybody's actions affect somebody else in a certain way. Priestly hoped his play would give society the chance with hindsight to look back on the past and not just carry on life in the same way as before. As a result, Daldry starts the play with a closed house, in which the Birling family and Gerald are talking, and opens up later on, and tilts forward resulting in the contents falling and smashing, this is when their lives become undone, and the message comes through of how their lives are changing. ...read more.


This name is cleverly used, as it is a common name, representing all the working class people. She is at the mercy of wealthier people giving her work. Then when they comprehend that all of them, in some way, had contributed to the death of Eva Smith, the house tilts forward, and the crockery on the table falls and smashes to the ground. This symbolises that they are immoral and that their lives are crashing to the ground. This effect got Priestly's message across to the audience that everybody's actions affect somebody in a certain way. One of the themes of the play is wealth, unequal power between the classes; this is shown in Mr and Mrs Birling's actions. Mrs Birling shows this very clearly when she says, "whatever it was, I know it made me finally loose all patience with her. She was giving herself ridiculous airs. She was claiming elaborate fine feelings and scruples that were simply absurd in a girl in her position". Here, Mrs Birling is stating that a girl in her 'position' has no right to give her own opinions. This also links up with the main theme 'collective responsibility'. ...read more.


I thought it was very clever the pun of the inspectors surname. 'Goole' could be linked with either fool or ghoul. Fool to show that the Birlings and Gerald Croft were fools because when the inspector made his speech, it left the Birlings and Croft subdued and wondering exactly what the it really meant. And ghoul because the inspector him self was actually one, he wanted to, in a way, scare the family to make them feel guilty about what they had done. Daldry used the set of the play to put across the important message of JB Priestly that there should be more equality and we should not take our lifestyles for granted. We also should take responsibility for our actions or we could end up in an awful situation, just as the Birlings and Gerald did when they received the phone call at the end to say an inspector was on his way round. In the anti - socialist speech, at the beginning of the play, Mr Birling said, "Every man should look after himself" but in the inspector's last speech, he brought the new message to the attention of the audience that, "We are members of one body, we are responsible for each other", and I think that it sums up exactly what Priestly was trying to get across to the audience. ...read more.

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