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How did the Romans View the Britons and the conquest?

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Classical Civilisation Coursework 3 - How did the Romans View the Britons and the conquest? People say a fort is a fort, no matter where you go, and size, position and people make no difference to that. However, I disagree. Up here on the north of Hadrian's Wall, it becomes incredibly cold incredibly quickly, and the weather and climate change as often as the guard duty. Speaking of guard duty, being high up on the top of the walls gets extremely cold and often becomes very windy. Not only this, but guard duty rapidly becomes extremely tedious, and I get very bored very easily. Unfortunately, there's no way to escape this, I do it for my emperor, and I am more than happy to give 25 years of my life in service for the country. Once my 25 years are up, I will finally get to retire, something I look forward to greatly, and I will finally be able to legally raise a family - while it is illegal to have a wife, many soldiers do so nonetheless, although I have stayed loyal ...read more.


However, we got revenge eventually, and I hope everyone else who thought of rebelling has learnt their lesson. They deserved everything they ever ended up with, stupid little Britons. However, I have to hand it to them, they are quite scary, especially the Celts, the fear they instilled on me, charging full pelt at the wall, covered in paint and naked as the day they were born, it was a feeling I wish I never had to experience. When I get bored and have nothing to do, there are plenty of activities around the fort to entertain myself, such as gambling. I enjoy this because I can win plenty of money, which is always useful, and obviously I enjoy the winning, especially when I trick the foolish Britons with loaded dice, which has greatly increased the money I make recently... I can also write home or to other friends or family if I wish, although while it does let me keep in touch, it's hard to get them sent cheaply unless you're in a position of authority in our army. ...read more.


However, if we do want specialty food, we can go to the market outside the fort, where we can buy many items from the Britons if we need anything we couldn't get inside the fort. I spend much of my time there trying to see if there's anything useful I could afford. I can buy things like specialty food, weapons, and local specialties such as beer, a drink I particularly enjoy. You can also find prostitutes around the fort, something for if you get lonely, since our camp is all male. There are also baths outside the camp, somewhere nice to go and relax, and also to take care of my personal hygiene, and to socialise with friends. Our toilets are also kept sanitary and clean by the running water, and kept downwind of the fort so we cannot smell them. It is always interesting to see how different the Britons are from us, they are far less civilised, their machinery is basic and they have no slaves or different levels of class, they all seem to be peasants. However, as long as we keep them under our rule, it doesn't matter to me. ...read more.

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