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How did you explore victim and violence

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How did you explore victim and violence? As an assessed drama piece based on "Domestic Violence", the group I was in explored victim and violence by using a number of explorative strategies and drama mediums. In the play, we explored the feeling of being a victim of violence and how a victim of violence becomes a violator. The play that we performed was based on two key words from the song, "Behind the Wall" by Tracy Chapman. The two words are: victim and violence. The play's main theme is irony. The play revolves around two characters that used to attend school together. One of the characters, Catherine - played by Bronwyn, had a low status at school and was always bullied. The other character, Kevin - played by Sean, was a bully and therefore had a higher status. However, as time passes Kevin becomes a low status character and Catherine evolves into a high status character. This results in the bullied person now being the bully and one day meeting the character who bullied her through childhood. There is also a waiter - played by Oliver, and a waitress - played by Joelle. The first scene was set in a modern day, British caf�. To make the audience aware of the setting, a still image was used as the opening of the play. The still image consisted of 2 chairs facing each other, one down stage left and one up stage right. ...read more.


A cross cut from the caf� into a scene of a school playground was used. To make the audience aware it is a different scene and that the characters have changed, the voices were altered to a more high pitch, child like tone. The cross cut moves into another still image. Catherine, still played by Bronwyn, is positioned down stage left while three children, Sean, Joelle and Oliver, are positioned down stage right. The reason that Catherine is standing in a different area from the 3 school children is to show that she is not friends with them. It also emphasises the fact that she is isolated and does not have any friends. These are all character traits of a low status person. The still image was held for three seconds and then more acting followed. The children decide to sing the children's rhyme "I'm The King of The Castle". They join hands and merrily dance in a circle singing. Catherine can be seen looking lonely and wanting to be part of the fun. She finally plucks up the courage to go and ask the children if they will let her play. After a short debate the children allow her to join in on one condition, that she is the "Dirty Rascal". Catherine enters the middle of the circle and sits high on her knees. At first the three children sing just as before, happily and skipping to the rhythm but look down at Catherine. ...read more.


This could be seen when the children were pointing down at a lying down Catherine. The reason she was lying down was to mimic a dead body. The reason that Catherine says " why am I so isolated'' is because that is the feeling that if felt by many victims of violence. When the group of children stop being violent it represents the honeymoon phase, where the violator stops being violence and asks for mercy. The story then moves back into the caf� with another cross cut. All the actors go back to their original characters. Shaun - Kevin, Bronwyn - Catherine, Oliver and Joelle - Waiter and Waitress. It is at this point that the audience realises that Kevin used to be the high status person but now is the low status person and that Catherine used to be the low status person and that now she is the high status person. Kevin then looks up from his dinner to see his the girl he tortured through school. Knowing that she has seen him he asks her if she wants to sit with him. Catherine coolly walks over to his table and looks down at him. She then says, " You were the boy who always bullied me! Look who is the lonely isolated one now! Looks like I'm the king of the castle and you're the dirty rascal". Now the audience are fully aware that the tables have turned. ?? ?? ?? ?? Oliver Miocic 11MW 1 ...read more.

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