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How do Barret Browning and Wordsworth use the sonnet form to portray strong feelings and emotions?

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How do Barret Browning and Wordsworth use the sonnet form to portray strong feelings and emotions? A sonnet is a poem of fourteen lines. They provide a strict structure. They have a strict rhyming pattern and are usually written in iambic pentameter. There are two types of sonnets, Petrachan and Shakespearean. They both have slightly different rhyming patterns from each other. Both poems, 'Sonnets from the Portuguese XLIII' and 'Composed upon Westminster Bridge' are Petrachan sonnets. The rhyming structure of a Petrachan sonnet is ABBA ABBA CDCDCD, an octet and a sestet. They are also written in iambic pentameter. ...read more.


'In the smokeless air.' Wordsworth's feelings and emotions are expressed in conjunction with nature. He blends images of the city and his own reactions to them in one whole. 'Earth has not anything to show more fair'. He effortlessly shifts from nature to structure without losing the central theme of the beauty around him. Elizabeth Barret Browning wrote 'Sonnets from the Portuguese XLIII' in the Victorian era. She uses the three tenses in the poem - past, present and future. This makes it seem like everything is included in the poem. The poem is simple. Instead of using language in a clever way, Barret Browning uses language in a clever way, knowing she only has a short space to say what she wants to say. ...read more.


She would have had been selective and only chosen the important things to put into it. So, it sounds over exaggerated, but it is just because she has a limited amount of space to put down all her feelings. It could also be said that Wordsworth uses hyperbolae. 'All bright and glittering'. It would again only seem to be exaggerated because of the restrictive structure of the sonnet form. So Wordsworth also had to carefully choose what he included in the poem. Overall Wordsworth and Barret Browning use the sonnet form to portray feelings and emotions because of the restricted structure a sonnet provides. This means they had to be selective in choosing which points to put into the poem and so only chose the important ones which would most show their feelings and emotions. ...read more.

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