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How do Dickens and W .W. Jacobs create dramatic tension in their short stories the signalman and the monkeys paw?

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How do Dickens and W .W. Jacobs create dramatic tension in their short stories the signalman and the monkeys paw? Both writers use a range of techniques to make the short stories more tense and dramatic. This makes the short stories more entertaining and scares the intended Victorian audience. Both are set in Victorian times which means both writers use words and tension that would make the Victorians tense. Both dickens and Jacobs use the technique credibility of characters in their short stories. This is when the writer makes the characters believable and normal like the audience. This makes the story more believable because they can relate the stories and characters back to themselves. This is well used in both stories especially the monkeys paw Which involves a typical Victorian family. In the family there is a mother who is a housewife, a dad who is retired and a son who works in a factory with machines which we at the top of technology at that time. ...read more.


Both writers use the setting of their stories as another way of creating tension. They make the surroundings seem scary and tense but also familiar to the audience. In the monkeys paw there are only two houses let out on the street which creates a sense of loneliness and makes the hose seem far away from other people. The writer also makes the weather terrible which makes the story scarier by setting a bad mood. Another example of where this is well used is in the signalman. The signalman's box is inside a valley far away from people. This creates tension because it makes the signal man seen lonely and that there is nobody about, so when somebody or something turns up it is more scarier than it normally would be. There is a lot of character conflict in both short stories. This creates a lot of tension because it makes the characters seem uncomfortable and makes them hesitate which has the same effect in the reader.a good example of character conflict is that battle between Mr & Mrs white near the end of the monkeys paw. ...read more.


There are also some supernatural thing that happen in the stories which create tension and suspense. Things like the paw twisting in mr whites hand and the spectre appearing. This makes the stories more exiting and thrilling. This can create more tension and challenge you scientific beliefs like that ghosts don't exist. This makes the unsure that the story is true but still scared that all of this is happening. If this technique is used well with other techniques such as credibility of threat it will create a lot of tension. This is well used in the monkeys paw where just a normal family is receive a paw and it grants all of their wishes. All of these techniques help the writers create a lot of tension in their short stories which makes the stories what they are and make the exiting and fun to read for their intended Victorian audience. I think the most useful and effective technique in both stories id the credibility of characters. I think this because it makes people realise that the characters are just like them. Also it helps the audience relate to the characters and makes all of the happenings seem real. ...read more.

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