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How do magazines influence women today

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How do magazines influence women today? Magazines are infamous for there harsh comments and cruel jokes about celebrities lives and bodies. Though magazine editors have many imperfections themselves, they won't hesitate to criticise people in magazines about how ugly they look without make-up, how much weight they are gaining, and how out of date their clothes are. 90 % of women are unhappy with their bodies and worry about their image everyday. Everyday women are significantly influenced by these magazines; an unhealthy obsession seems to have been developed to be as glamorous as these types of women. Though this is just a mere fantasy that is most unlikely to be achieved by any type of woman. Magazines can't seem to resist but put a photo of a beautiful, slim woman or celebrity on the front cover, portraying the image of 'fashion' which is most likely out of the price range of ordinary everyday woman. ...read more.


It is almost impossible to accept the way people are when everyone is constantly is named too thin, too old, too fat or too stupid; this unfortunately seems to be the message that is given out by the magazine. People use magazines as a regular update for new fashions and usually look for popular products that are advertised, these products are usually promoted by slim models. Though women may despise the model for being so perfect, they may find themselves buying the products. Average larger built women think that using the product may make them more like the model. But is this the case? Many women who are persuaded to purchase the product find that the result is obviously not as good as it has been shown. Though many people don't realise how much the pictures have been air brushed, programmes on the computer can remove blemishes (spots and scars), can make the model look skinnier and can remove any type of imperfection while still creating the illusion of the model naturally being this way. ...read more.


The large image placed at the side of the A3 page shows the slim Coleen Rooney who had put on a little weight on her honeymoon, but does this not make her human? Though readers may feel happier that the celebrity has put on weight to make them feel better about themselves, it is also fuelling the obsession with the perfect body and image. It is difficult to understand why magazines like 'Closer', 'Heat' and 'Star' sell millions of copies each year. The stories are depressing and constantly referring to how a woman should look like. Criticism can't boost anyone's self confidence, readers realise that they also have imperfections which they hadn't noticed before. It maybe the fact that women are becoming increasingly curious about celebrities hardships, or the fact that women need reassurance that someone else has got a worse life than them. Women will continue to read these magazines and will continue to negatively affect women's views about the 'perfect image'. Depressingly, women have begun to rely on magazines as a guide to their lives rather than being happy with what they already have. ...read more.

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